Selling To The C-Suite by Stephen Bistritz and Nicholas Read

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According to Stephen Bistritz and Nicholas Read, selling to senior-level, or ‘C-Suite’, executives requires different skills and strategies from the more traditional departmental-level sale. It’s all about timing.

In the first phase, executives are most involved because a new sale is usually strategic and significant.

During the middle phase of the buying cycle, executives tend to reduce their involvement and delegate fine detail decisions to subordinates.

In the third phase, executives get involved again to make sure the vendors can really deliver and to ensure the benefits are achieved. So we need to be in tune with the C-suite.

Join with us for the next ten minutes to find out more from Bistritz and Read about what you need to know about selling to the top.

Lesson 1: The Four Types of Salespeople

Bistritz and Read identify four types of salespeople:

Type 1. The Commodity Supplier

Salespeople who are Commodity Suppliers see the world through a pair of product glasses. They believe that if they just get the opportunity to show their product or service, the features will make the sale. They have a belief so focussed on their product or service that they pay no attention to a customer’s needs. If the customer isn’t interested, they move on to another, thinking there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Executives tend to avoid commodity suppliers – passing them down to lower levels in their organization.

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