Servant Leadership In Action by Ken Blanchard & Renee Broadwell

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In the preface Ken Blanchard states the following:

When I hear people say “It’s lonely at the top.” To me, if it’s lonely at the top, it means nobody is following you. If that’s true, you’d better get off the top and go where the people are—and then, in my terms, bring them to the top with you.” He goes on to suggest when you become a leader, you give up your right to think of yourself first. Servant leadership, the subject of the book, is a behavioral model about always putting others first.

What Is Servant Leadership?

The general perception of a leader is someone who would decide what to do, when to do it, where to do it, and how to do it, someone with a visionary or strategic role. Servant leaders retain this leadership aspect but complement it with an implementation, or operational role.

The traditional hierarchical pyramid with a sole leader at the top, remains effective for the leadership aspect of servant leadership where people look to their organizational leaders for vision. However, most organizations and leaders get into trouble in the implementation phase of the leadership process.

With self-serving leaders at the helm, the traditional hierarchical pyramid is kept alive and well. When that happens, who do people think they work for? The people above them. The minute you think you work for the person above you for implementation, you are assuming that person—your boss—is responsible and your job is being responsive to that boss.

As a result, all the energy of the organization is moving up the hierarchy, away from customers and the frontline folks who are closest to the action.

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