Simply Brilliant by Bill Taylor

According to William Taylor, the most successful organisations are no longer the ones that offer the best deals. They’re the ones that champion the most original ideas, and do things other organisations can’t or won’t do. This is how great organisations go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Part 1: Stop Trying to Be the Best; Strive to Be the Only

Everything you do either hurts or helps your brand. Everything. Pay attention to all the tiny details and make your brand the only option for your customers. Success is no longer about price, performance, or features. It’s about passion, emotion and identity. The most successful organisations are the ones the craft the most memorable experiences and recruit the most loyal customers.

Companies that rise above and stand alone, that deliver a one-of-a-kind experience will thrive. Brand strategist Adam Morgan credits what he calls a “lighthouse identity.” This is when brands have a strong point of view, intensity, salience, and are built on a rock – they take a unique stand and stick with it. Organisations with a “lighthouse identity” offer an intense projection of who they are in everything they do.

There is inevitable competitive backlash: if a braver, more clever company succeeds at doing something new, then surely a larger, richer and more established company will mimic the logic and overtake them. However, you’d be surprised about how many big, established organisations are unwilling to learn from the market makers in their field.

It may surprise you to see what your competitors won’t do. Don’t let concerns about imitation stop you from going above and beyond.

For companies and brands that aspire to do something extraordinary, what you believe is as important as what you sell. Leadership is about developing a set of deeply held principles that challenge the norm and help your organisation get to the finish line first.

Great leaders inspire instead of manipulate. Successful entrepreneurs are the ones that are strategic and yearn for meaning and significance as much as financial success.

As a company or an individual, the goal is no longer to be the best. It’s to be the only one who does what you do. Approach your work, your company, and your style of leadership with passion.

There is a fast food restaurant in Kingsport, Tennessee called Pal’s Sudden Service. The average time spent at the drive up window is eighteen seconds and the average time to receive the order is twelve. That’s four times faster than the second quick-serve restaurant in the country. They also only make mistakes once in every 3,600 orders, which is ten times better than the average fast-food restaurant. This results in unparalleled customer loyalty.