7 Blue-Collar Jobs That Can Make You Six Figures

Who said you need to incur thousands of dollars in debt and spend four years in a college to earn six figures?

In this article, we are going to talk about 7 high-paying blue-collar jobs that have the potential to make you above $100,000 annually.

Side-Tip: These jobs face far lower competition, and you can start with just a few months of practice.

Bathroom remodelling – This one is obvious since everyone spends so much of their lives in and using bathrooms! There are many ways you could profit from bathroom remodelling needs. One way is by promoting bathtub sets and shower stalls. Another approach is to offer services related to cleaning and maintaining bathroom facilities. For example, offering handyman services including installing towel racks, hanging mirrors, etc… Since most homeowners want quality work done at reasonable prices, they’ll be eager to hire someone competent to do the job properly. If you know how to install things yourself, then advertise “DIY” services instead of hiring professionals. A third method involves creating a website focused on specific topics such as bathroom design ideas, tips, and tricks about saving water while brushing teeth, etc. Then create articles and send ezines to subscribers with links back to your site where they can get additional information. Finally, partner with companies that manufacture bathroom fixtures and accessories and post banners all over those websites.

House painting – Painting houses have been a lucrative business model for years now, but only recently did I see anyone advertising house painters online through PPC campaigns. Why? Because until very recently, finding a reliable painter was difficult, especially when trying to find someone locally. That changed when Google AdWords came along. Now any homeowner can search for local tradespeople and contractors right from his computer screen. It seems simple, but the key here is to learn everything possible about paint and painting techniques before joining an advertiser’s campaign. Also, consider partnering with a company that provides training materials for prospective hires. Offer free consultations and give away lots of informative material. Make sure you also include testimonials and case studies demonstrating why clients should choose you rather than another contractor.

Handyman services – Just like the previous category mentioned above, this category is often overlooked even though it offers great potential for earning big bucks. We’re talking about professional handyperson service providers. Think about it; wouldn’t you call a plumber to fix your toilet bowl flapper if you could not locate it? Your goal is to become known as THE go-to person for solving minor problems within your customer’s homes. Once again, you must provide detailed explanations regarding how each task gets accomplished. What exactly does it take to unclog a drainpipe? How long will it take to finish a project? Are there certain steps required? All answers to questions like these need to be provided clearly. People don’t mind paying extra fees for convenience and reliability. So once again, try to save money whenever possible without compromising quality.

General contracting/remodelling – This type of general contracting requires expertise in building construction and renovations. It’s easy to start off doing minor jobs, but after gaining experience, you may decide to tackle bigger projects. As with other categories mentioned earlier, think strategically about which tasks best suit your strengths. Remember, there are thousands of competitors ready to steal your customers, so be prepared to compete aggressively against others. Build relationships with reputable vendors and suppliers first before introducing new advertisers. Donate something useful to charity every month to increase credibility. Use social networking sites to help spread the word about your offerings. Network with colleagues, friends, and family members to gain referrals. And last, use article writing and video production skills to attract traffic to your blog and website.

Electrician – An electrician installs electrical wiring systems, controls, and appliances. He or she consults on safety issues and makes recommendations for improvements. Electricians are valuable assets to businesses because of having the knowledge needed to solve complex electrical problems quickly and efficiently. Therefore, becoming an expert in this field is crucial to success. Try starting by taking night classes to improve efficiency. Start reading trade magazines and journals to keep abreast of current trends in the electrical world. Next, try working odd hours during summer and weekends to maximize income opportunities. Join organizations and associations dedicated to helping fellow electricians succeed professionally. Last, network with other electricians either offline or online. They’d certainly appreciate hearing from you.

Computer repair technician – Computer technicians diagnose hardware failures, perform repairs, upgrade software and teach users basic computer procedures. Like electricians, PC experts are important resources for both individuals and businesses alike. Many people today depend heavily upon computers for day-to-day activities. Hence, they must understand how technology works and how it affects productivity levels. By providing comprehensive technical help, PC specialists help reduce costs incurred from system upgrades, operating errors, and downtime caused by viruses. To become successful, focus on learning as much as possible about computer programming languages and applications. Take part in community outreach programs designed to educate families and students about the proper usage of PCs. Finally, join webinars and forums featuring speakers discussing various technical difficulties encountered daily. Afterward, write down solutions to common problems found in emails sent by readers. Post responses directly onto blogs or forums. This technique helps establish trust amongst visitors and encourages repeat purchases.

Home health care provider – Most Americans require medical attention at least once per year. Home healthcare workers visit patients to administer medication, check blood pressure, weigh patients and maintain records detailing patient progress. Due to increasing demand, several states mandate licensing requirements for home care agencies. While most patients prefer receiving treatment from licensed nurses, doctors, or pharmacists, others seek alternative forms of therapy, such as acupuncture and massage therapy. Successful entrepreneurs specializing in home health care typically charge hourly rates based on time spent attending appointments. Although profits vary according to individual circumstances, revenue generated via this strategy tends to exceed $10 million annually. High-income earners report making upwards of $100,000 per year thanks to specialization in particular areas such as diabetes management. Some employers also compensate employees based on performance metrics such as the number of visits made.

Carpenter – Carpenters construct buildings, bridges, roads, sidewalks, fences, and decks. Unlike electricians, carpenters lack formal education, although many still attend college for specialized courses. Before getting started, however, aspiring woodworkers must complete some form of apprenticeship with a certified master builder. Depending upon location, carpenters are responsible for performing manual labor requiring physical strength and stamina. Workdays tend to consist of repetitive motions involving tools and machines. Long hours spent standing, walking, and lifting contribute to low energy levels experienced throughout adulthood. Therefore, it’s no surprise that carpenters suffer from cardiovascular diseases at alarming rates compared to non-laboring peers. Heart disease accounts for nearly 50 percent of deaths among construction laborers worldwide. Nevertheless, this career path remains highly desirable for those seeking to supplement retirement incomes.

Landscaper – Landscape maintenance consists mostly of mowing lawns, trimming bushes, planting flowers and trees, and clearing debris. Other responsibilities involve watering plants, applying fertilizer, raking leaves, and removing trash. Compared to landscapers employed by major corporations, independent landscape professionals enjoy greater flexibility and control over scheduling. Moreover, wages earned from outdoor employment tend to be substantially lower compared to indoor salaries. Unfortunately, competition exists between landscaping firms in terms of pricing, selection of equipment, and overall aesthetics. Despite being less profitable, this line of work allows more room for error resulting in fewer mistakes. Consequently, success hinges largely upon personal reputation, integrity, and ability to deliver top-notch results.

Pet sitter – Pet owners entrust pet sitting duties to trusted neighbors, friends, or relatives hoping to avoid dealing with unexpected emergencies such as illness, theft, and injury. However, despite being relatively inexpensive, revenues derived from pet sitting remain too meager to sustain a living wage. On average, a dog walker earns approximately $7.25 per hour. Earning prospects improve greatly when combining pet sitting with other interests, such as animal rescue or boarding kennels. Consider signing up for weekend shifts at nearby veterinary clinics. Provide companionship to sick pets while assisting vets with routine surgeries. Afterward, pick up strays taken in by shelters or humane societies. At the same time, volunteer at local animal shelters. Through volunteering, pet lovers develop the necessary contacts and confidence needed to eventually land paid positions.