[Guide] Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Welcome to this ultimate guide on how to use Solo Ads for Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s face it.

Affiliate marketing is the BEST business model in 2022 (for beginners).

No need to create products, provide customer service, set up billing and bonuses, and process delivery.

Recurring commissions? Heck yes!

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing a product. Some affiliate offers even include details such as estimated earnings for each click.

High ticket affiliate marketing makes you over $500 in commissions per sale.

You don’t need to stick with just one product. You can promote multiple items at once and make more profit.

How to drive traffic to your affiliate offers? Why not give Solo Ads a try?

Here is why:

Highly targeted traffic source for some affiliate marketing niches.

Relatively cheaper since solo ads come with predictable pricing model.

Lower competition (only if you know what you are doing)

Build your email list—it’s an asset! 

No worries about competitors spying on emails, funnels, or affiliate promotions.

Generates super-fast results

Solo ads + affiliate marketing? Amazing combination, honestly.

It’s simple. You drive targeted, warm traffic to high-converting offers and you drive sales. In this guide, I will try to answer the most common questions when it comes to using solo ads for affiliate marketing.

solo ads for affiliate marketing

What’s a solo ad? Are they for affiliate marketing?

A solo ad is a type of online advertising where people pay to promote their own websites or services. This means that they are responsible for creating the content, writing the copy, designing the website, and managing the whole process. They also handle all the payments and refunds.

In the context of affiliate marketing, solo ads serve as a primary traffic generation method.

If you are looking for eyeballs to your affiliate offers right away, as soon as within the next 24 hours, solo ads are unarguably the easiest and fastest form of traffic.

Solo ads are great because they allow you to build authority in your niche. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to work with someone who has been around longer than you.

Solo ads are also great because you don’t have to deal with any technical stuff. All you have to do is write some good content and then promote it.

However, there are two main drawbacks when using solo ads.

First, it takes time to build trust between you and your audience.

Second, it’s hard to scale. You can only get so many thousands of clicks per day.

Do solo ads work for affiliate marketing?

Absolutely! But I would recommend them for specific niches like make money online, cryptocurrency, health, fitness, self improvement or travel.

If you want to earn money from home, you should definitely start by building a list of high converting solo ads. Then, you can slowly add more and more products to your list.

Speaking from first-hand experience, I have seen hundreds of internet marketers (especially in the business opportunity niche) buy solo ads almost every week. They spend thousands of dollars to promote their own offers as well as affiliate offers. It goes without saying that solo ads work very well for these affiliate marketers.

Still, it depends on the NICHE. And also on…

…how good your vendor is. Yes, that’s the key to success in solo ad marketing.

Here is a quick example of how you could go about getting started:

First and foremost, look for high quality solo ad vendors to buy from. Most of them are scammers, unfortunately. They would sell you bot clicks and even more so, bot email addresses. Very sneaky.

You need to find out the good ones. If you need help, check out this article.

Then, this is what you are going to do. Here is my 4-step solo ad marketing process:

Step 1: Create a list of solo ads that convert well.

Step 2: Choose 3–4 solo ads from your list.

Step 3: Promote these solo ads every single day until you reach your daily budget.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach your monthly budget.

That’s it!

Sourcing affiliate products for solo ads

Affiliate offers number in the thousands. This will not be a problem for you. Still, when it comes to affiliate products, sticking with one offer and testing it enough before moving to another is difficult.

These affiliate networks provide hundreds of thousands of affiliate products across numerous niches, from Make Money Online, MLM and Business Opportunities, to health, gardening, and survival.

JVZoo – The JVZoo affiliate network is considered one of the best affiliate networks for solo ads.

ClickBank – An affiliate network with a long history and reputation. My paychecks from ClickBank are always on time. Before listing products on ClickBank Marketplace, they conduct thorough vetting.

WarriorPlus – A marketplace for affiliates where they can sell their products. It’s now owned by Freelance.com. You can find products that are similar to those in JvZoo by searching online.

ShareASale – A place to find online service based affiliate programs.

Impact – Another resource to get access to software based affiliate programs

Avangate – If you are an affiliate marketer who promotes software products.

PartnerStack – Get access to SaaS affiliate programs

MaxBounty – A resource for finding high-quality CPA offers. These often give you a commission for every successful lead. Maxbounty offers can be integrated into your solo ad affiliate marketing funnel and lead to quick revenue.

Commission Junction



As you see, finding affiliate programs is not that hard. But, if you want to use solo ads for affiliate marketing in a unique way, you should take steps differently.

Here is what I mean. Many vendors have already sold popular affiliate products to their lists. For example, I do not know how many times email subscribers have seen ClickFunnels affiliate offers. So, how do you find unique but high-quality affiliate products for solo ads email traffic?

Read this article to find out how to choose affiliate offers. 

Affiliate marketing using solo ads

You can do it in two ways:

  • Directly directing traffic to affiliate offers
  • Converting visitors into leads and sending them to affiliate offers

The question is, which one is better?

As I learned from my mentor Daegan Smith, you never lose the investment in your business. How? By building an asset every f’ing time!

That’s why you should first collect the email addresses, phone number or other contact details (that is, leads) from the traffic that you buy via solo ads.

Then you promote one affiliate offer after another to them.

How are you going to do that?

Simply, you drive the solo ad traffic to a capture page before redirecting them to the affiliate offer.

It goes like this:

squeeze or capture page

Some also use a bridge page right after the squeeze page.

What is a bridge page?

A bridge page is a page that comes after the capture page with the sole purpose to “bridge” the gap between your squeeze page and your affiliate offer.

They are designed to redirect the traffic to another page in a meaningful way.

With a bridge page, it seems like this:

bridge page before the affiliate offer

The best way to promote an affiliate offer with solo ads:

Step 1. Drive traffic to your squeeze page (to collect the leads)

Step 2. Redirect them to the bridge page (to build rapport with a small introduction of yourself and a slight build-up of the affiliate offer)

Step 3. Take them to the actual affiliate offer page via your affiliate link.

Should you try solo ads for your affiliate marketing business?

Frankly, I can’t suggest you what to do.

Every business is different, and it depends on the business owner to decide what works best for his business.

You might be a BIG fan of Facebook ads for all I know, right?

However, if you are new to this whole solo advertising idea, that is, you never tried them before and heard they have a bad rap, I would say, “don’t discount them as of yet.”

No traffic source is bad. That includes solo ad traffic.

The question is, do you know how to work it?

If yes, good for you.

If not, you might need to give it some time (and also spend some money).

Just remember that this is just another traffic source where strangers get to know your offers and decide whether they want to do business with you.

It’s not rocket science, after all.