Solo Ads Profit: 5 Tips to Make Solo Ads Work

You already created the offer. Now it is time to drive traffic to it and build a list.

There are many ways to do that but…

My preferred traffic source?

The infamous Solo Ads that everyone talks about…

Before you write me off, listen to me.


Because a major part of the success behind my five-figure business is, believe it or not, solo ads. Yes, the solo ads that have a bad rap in this industry.

Look, I will let you in on a secret.

No traffic source is BAD…

…if you know how to WORK it.

You see, there are online marketers who are making a killing from solo ads—there’s no denying that.

And then there are those who waste thousands of dollars on them with nothing to show for in return.

Just like with Facebook ads, Google ads or Push Notification ads.

So, if you have never used solo ads before, pay attention.

If you have bought it before and could not turn a profit out of them, pay even more attention.

I am going to tell you the biggest problem with why solo ads do not work for most (and what you can do to rectify that).

But before that, let me tell you why I prefer solo ads.

First things first, solo ad traffic is considered POOR quality traffic.

The usual argument is, the solo ad sellers push offers every day to their list and that’s why they are burnt out or are desensitized to your offers.

Think about it though. If someone who is so bored out of his mind receiving daily emails, would he or she still keep on opening them and clicking the links inside?

What most beginners forget is that there is an actual human being reading those emails. That means, human psychology at work!

That person, whoever is reading the email, is apparently interested in receiving offers day in and day out. Now think about that for a second. If someone is so interested in receiving these offers, would he not want to act on them too?

So, how can you say that solo ad traffic does not convert into sales? That’s an amateur level of thinking.

However, you have to understand the physical and emotional state of the human recipient (or let’s call him a lead). The lead is receiving countless emails every day. His inbox is getting flooded with offers from various marketers he has signed up with. When you send your solo ad, your job is to stand out from the rest and get him to act on your offer.

To understand what’s going on for your lead is this: at first, his inbox was empty (let’s assume!). He signs up to the solo ad vendor’s list. He starts getting his emails (that also contain offers). He signs up for a bunch of couple more lists in the process. He starts getting emails from them too. Wow! The inbox is getting a bit crowded. This goes on for a while. Now, he does not read all the emails that are entering his inbox. He handpicks a few every day. Now, at this point…

What do you think he will do? Will he delete his email account? He might. But that’s highly unlikely because he is actually interested in the offers he is receiving. His interest will not suddenly change, right? You won’t suddenly start loving tea and hating coffee… if you were always a coffee person :-))

Okay, so what he does instead is he starts unsubscribing from a few lists to manage his inbox. Which list does he unsubscribe from? Of course, the one that keeps sending the same old boring offers or sending the same offers like some other lists. He might even unsubscribe for the solo vendor’s list too. At this point, he is off the solo ad vendor’s list and only present on the solo ad buyer’s (that is, your) list.

Do you now see how the whole solo ad process works?

Many marketers think that the leads in a solo ad vendor’s list keep on receiving more and more emails per day. That’s not the truth.

Why? Because that’s a real person we are talking about. And there’s a breaking point for him too.

The true job of a solo ad seller is to collect leads and pass them onto others’ lists.

Now you are probably thinking, “That’s a bad lead. Of course, he is on multiple lists like mine.”

Again that’s not wise thinking, to be honest. Why?

Let me ask you a question instead. Say you are collecting leads from Facebook ads. That traffic is probably of the highest quality that you can get, right? So, the leads collected from Facebook ads should definitely be of high quality? The problem is…

Can you be sure that these leads are not present in others’ lists too? I mean, I am a Facebook user. I see an offer from an internet marketer and I sign up for that. Then I come across another offer the next day. I sign up for that too. Then again, I come across yet another offer the next day. I sign up again. Do you see what I am driving at?

Frankly, no lead is ever going to be on your list only. This is especially true of the marketing niches. Every marketer knows about email marketing, collects leads and your list subscriber is probably on dozens of other lists too. If you are seriously concerned about how a solo ad recipient receives dozens of offers every day, almost every prospect/potential customer/lead does, regardless of the traffic source you are using.

For example, say a person buys a Warriorplus product this month. He is termed a “buyer”, right? That’s a high quality lead (apparently that’s what people think). Then he buys another product the next month. Then another product the next month. This lead is now on three vendor lists already. The vendors start sending affiliate offers too. The same lead sign up or buy the affiliate offers and enter their list too.

That so-called buyer lead is now on probably dozen more lists through the three vendors he bought from.

What I am trying to say is, solo ad traffic is not inherently bad because that’s how almost everywhere is.

In fact, going out on a limb here, solo ad traffic is actually targeted. They signed up to the solo ad vendor’s list because they want to see niche offers. And that they are openers/clickers shows they are still highly interested in the type of offers that you deal with.

However, with solo ad traffic, the main trick is to become more “irresistible” than the other marketers sending emails.

Okay now let’s look at the advantages of solo ads.

You do not have to fear getting your accounts banned (like in Google or Facebook)… you do not have to keep tweaking your campaigns (the graphic, the copy, etc)… you do not have to worry about the cost per click or cost per impressions… you have complete predictability over your ad spend… your traffic is already comfortable with email conversations… the list goes on.

Do you now see why most internet marketers, especially in the MMO/bizopp niches still use solo ads?

If you choose a quality solo ad vendor…

He is already doing half your work for you.

He is collecting a lead from somewhere… checking for the validity of the email address… digs out the most targeted leads from a bunch of duds… and then sends them to you for a fixed cost.

Come to think about it, solo ads are great, aren’t they?

But you have to understand that solo ad traffic is extremely cold though. They are built on the premise that they are open to offers from strangers every day.

So, if you want to promote a high ticket offer, something around $1000-2000 or more, you would fail to sell even one unit.

Come on, the traffic is not warmed up to you. They don’t know who you are. They just wanted to know “how to make money online”. That’s how they ended up on the solo vendor’s list.

It’s YOUR JOB to warm them up to your offers as a marketer. Read this again.

That’s where most beginners go wrong.

They think they can buy 100-200 clicks and end up getting lots of sales. That’s not how it works.

Think about it. If you were on that solo ad vendor’s list and you heard about a particular offer by some stranger you never bought from before (from the solo ad vendor), what would you do? If the offer is irresistible and really, really cheap, like under ten bucks, you might just go for it. Who cares if it turns out to be bad? You might also check out the sales page of the offer and decide to buy it later, and then you forget all about it. You see… I am talking about a real person living a life, just like us, here.

The main thing to note is…

They are now subscribers of your list and…

That they are interested in your type of offers.

Now, it’s your job to keep the conversation going.

That’s not the seller’s job.

And guess what, that’s what you will do… whether you promote on Facebook ads, Google ads or native ads.

Okay, why did I explain all this though?

You see, most of you don’t understand the traffic and that’s why you end up not being able to utilize it properly.

5 untold “secrets” to maximize your conversions from solo ads… without fail, everytime!

#1 Keep your squeeze page simple. Just a headline and the form. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have seen many beginners create a squeeze page filled with lots of text, explaining the offer in detail, 30 day guarantees and all. That is not the purpose of a squeeze page.

Your squeeze page is there to capture the email address of the visitor. Now think from the POV of the visitor.

What makes a visitor absolutely leave his email address? Because he is curious about what lies behind the gateway page. Because he wants to know more. Because he must exchange something in return for the value that he is going to receive.

Make your squeeze page give a hint of the uniqueness, usefulness and urgency lying behind.

#2 Your funnel should be set for a “cold” broad audience. If you are used to promoting a warm audience, you need a mindset switch.

Solo ad traffic is extremely cold… they don’t know who you are. Also they are not seasoned marketers who are looking for specialized stuff.

If you are promoting via solo ads, you need to modify your funnel so that it caters to this kind of audience. That means, no mentioning of you or your business anywhere.

You need to enter the conversation inside your prospect’s mind. That means, “I am new to this. I don’t know where to start. I want to start making money as fast as possible.” (if you are in the IM/MMO niche)

Just provide an answer to that question.

#3 Email every day. This is yet another mistake that most beginning internet marketers make. Let me explain…

What they do is they buy a solo ad package (100, 200, 500 or 1000 clicks) and hope for sales within the 24-72 hours that the solo ad runs. They take note of how many sales they got during that time. If they could recoup their investment, they call it a success. Or else, they tag it as a loss.

Now, what if we lengthen that profit-making window to 60-90 days? We just increased the probability of your investment turning a profit.

For example, you ordered 200 clicks to an offer (through a capture page, of course!). That cost you $100 at 50 cents per visitor. You didn’t get a single sale during the first 24-72 hours window when the solo ad was running.

Then you continued to send them emails every day promoting one offer after another, and then by the 45th day, two people on your list acted on your $100 offer. You instantly made $200. So, did you lose money on your solo ad promotion or made money back?

Of course, you made money—a profit of $100!

See how it works. Keep sending emails every day. If possible, 3-4 times every day. It works.

#4 Sell your own product as an initial offer. This is yet another secret strategy that I personally use. When someone opts into my list, the first offer they get is my own product.

Why? Because I want to convert them into a buyer lead first. Once I build a buyers’ list right out of the gate, I can expect to make 10x more money out of it. It’s that powerful, trust me!

Also, there’s another reason to use your own offer at first. You control the sales materials, the offer, and everything… and you start off the relationship with an honest, valuable offering.

When you promote your own business to your list, it somehow creates more transparency, trust and rapport that cannot be done with an affiliate offer (especially in the IM/MMO niches).

How to create your own product easily? Create a PDF report like this one. Or record a video (showing your computer screen) on a tutorial. Or a software, a funnel or even a 1-hour live masterclass. Anything works.

Start with what you know. Or else your audience will know that you don’t know.

But you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to be one step ahead of them.

If you don’t know what to do, go to or

#5 Utilize a self-liquidating offer. Now, I have seen three approaches to solo ads.

One, when someone opts in through the squeeze page, they are directly led to an affiliate offer page. In this case, the capture page acts as a gateway to the affiliate offer page.

Two, when someone opts in through the squeeze page, they are taken to a bridge page that establishes a relationship with a video and presells an affiliate offer and then includes a link to the actual sales page.

Three, when someone opts in through the squeeze page, they are taken to the thank you page where they are told how to get access to the lead magnet and then made an offer to buy something that complements the free gift.

Whichever strategy you use, do always make sure to utilize this initial offer right after someone opts in through the capture page. This is when they have already taken action and their buying temperature has gone up. The chances of conversion are quite high. And you can tie the paid offer with the free offer well—it’s as if you are telling them that for a nominal price like 7 bucks, they are going to get the full package instead of the half-ass free one.

Whatever amount of sales comes from the initial sales funnel is to be considered “icing on the cake” though. Its purpose is to recoup some of the cost of the solo ad. That’s it. Don’t overthink it.

#6 Don’t stop after only 100 clicks.

Here’s how the solo ad buying strategy works…

Say you buy 200 clicks this month. You get 70 subscribers. You do not make any sale in the next 30 days (a shorter time period). You buy another 200 clicks next month. You get around 80 subscribers to your list. The total number of subscribers is 150 now. At this point, you have invested $100 x 2 = $200 on solo ads. However, during the second run, one of the new subscribers went for a high ticket offer ($1,000). Say, you earned 50% commission on that. That means, you made $500 back—a profit of $300!

Now let’s think back. After the first month, you were $100 in the red zone, right? However, with another $100 of investment, you made a total profit of $300.

That’s exactly how solo ad buying (or rather any paid ads) strategy works.

You extend the campaign depending on the value of your offer. If it’s a $7 offer, probably 200 clicks is enough to test it. For a high ticket offer, you would want to extend it further… for a higher number of clicks.

Remember, this is a numbers game. The more the number of clicks, the more the chances of one of them converting into a sale and yielding a high ROI!

That’s it.

Keep testing, keep winning.

On a side note, if you are looking for high quality solo ad traffic, let me know.

I can hook you up with the right people. Especially the vendors I buy from.

Just send me an email to