Synergist by Les McKeown

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In his consulting engagements, Les McKeown has worked with many successful companies. He has identified the stages that all companies will travel through on their road to success and as a consequence has identified that the basic difference between an ineffective group interaction and a highly productive one lies in the existence of a single component—a natural, uncomplicated, and easily introduced component—the role of the Synergist. Stick around for the next ten minutes while we summarise why your organisation may need “The Synergist”.

Before we embark on identifying the Synergist, let’s first look at the three natural styles or roles that all of us default to when we are in a group or team situation.

The 3 Styles

The Visionary:

Visionaries are big-thinkers turned on by ideas. They are easily bored with minutiae and need to create and to achieve. Visionaries are often charismatic, engaging communicators, able to motivate people to bring their best to every endeavor.

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