Talk Less, Say More by Connie Dieken

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According to Connie Dieken, face-to-face communication skills are plummeting in the twenty-first century. She believes that we need to embrace three key habits to re-boot our interpersonal aptitude. In her book Talk Less, Say More, she sets out how to use these three principles to re-engage in a world of short attention spans and get people to pay attention to you and your offerings. Stay with us for the next 10 minutes and you’ll learn how to talk less, and still make things happen.

HABIT 1: CONNECT: Give People What They Want & Value So They’ll Tune In

Dieken defines ‘connecting’ as the ability to engage and manage people’s attention in today’s busy world. It’s no longer enough to just make contact. We need to give people what they want and what they value in order to earn their attention, or they’ll tune us out.

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