The 40 best PC programs in 2021

There is a lot of software for Windows but, what are the really essential programs , those without which we cannot live? The offer is as wide as the tasks that we can carry out, and so that you don’t get lost, we present you with an updated list every month with the best computer programs of every moment. You will find everything from the most popular office tools to the most used media centers. File formats, security, communication and messaging, web browsers, YouTube video download, storage and notes … Nothing escapes our radar.

Best software for Windows

Take good note of everything we offer you because a personal computer can hardly be imagined without having the vast majority of these utilities installed. There are old and new ones: this is what a computer user of our time should have yes or yes.

Microsoft Word

Una imagen de Microsoft Word

An image of Microsoft Word

There are a number of programs that have become almost standard for working with a computer. Microsoft Word is one of them, the most popular and well-known office software. The big downside as always is that it is not free, but if you can afford it and your work depends on writing and proofreading , it is practically essential.

Microsoft Excel

Algunas plantillas disponibles en Microsoft Excel

Some templates available in Microsoft Excel

If Word is the best when it comes to working with text documents, Microsoft Excel is when it comes to creating and editing spreadsheets . We are talking about the reference software in its field, essential both at home and particularly in professional sectors. Impossible not to live without it and in general without the entire Office suite.

Microsoft Outlook

Envío de un correo con Outlook

Sending an email with Outlook

Although online email is widely used, there are still many who feel better with a local customer from which send and receive emails . Of all the available options, Outlook is surely the best, integrated into the Office suite such as Word and PowerPoint. An essential if you live hung up on email and use Windows.


Interfaz inicial de LibreOffice

LibreOffice Home Interface

When looking for the free alternative to Office the name that always comes to the fore is that of LibreOffice, an open and free project that successfully replicates the features of Microsoft software. It is a more than valid alternative even if it does not reach the quality standards of Office logically, we cannot compare a paid software and its entire team of experts behind it with the free version developed by the community, but if your claims are not the maximum surely it is enough for you and you will be over with this one.


Edición de una imagen con GIMP

Editing an image with GIMP

The field of graphic editing has also always had great weight in desktop computers, where it is possible to take advantage of the maximum possibilities in data processing. Beyond the popularity of Photoshop, there are free and free alternatives like GIMP that are surely enough to do what you have in mind. With its limitations, it is a graphical editor amply contrasted and recommended.


Norton Antivirus activo en un PC

Norton Antivirus active on a PC

Antivirus is always a hot debate. How necessary are they? Do they really work and are they effective? The answer is based on sanity. Yes, there are dangers that can affect your PC and you must protect yourself from them. Once this is clear, a paid antivirus is not the same as a free one of course, and it will be of little use if you do not make responsible use of the equipment and what you install on it. That said, any Norton option is recommended, if it can be paid, better.


Edicion de una canción con Audacity

Edition of a song with Audacity

Do you need to edit audio ? A recording from your mobile, something you have caught from the radio, a podcast with your friends … If you have to cut and paste audio Audacity is always the number one option for possibilities and for price: it’s free. It will probably offer you everything you need.


Venatana inicial de Google Chrome

Initial Google Chrome Venatana

Google Chrome has been the favorite of users for many years, to which the close integration of all Google services contributes decisively. Fast, compatible with the latest technologies and innovative , the favorite option for many, as long as the subject of data privacy and that type of issue is not an impediment for you.


Ventana de bienvenida de Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Welcome Window

Although it has lost steam over time, Firefox remains one of the most used browsers and we could not stop citing it . In recent times they have tried to regain ground by introducing different novelties, including versions adapted to mobile phones where their presence is quite small.

Microsoft Edge

Aspecto de Microsoft Edge basado en Chromium

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge look

Internet Explorer successor wins market share gradually for compelling reasons. Today Edge is one of the best web browsers available, with a speed similar to that of Crome if not higher (the new version is based on Chromium), lighter, with optimized RAM usage, with functions to avoid activity trackers and even with an integrated article reader that avoids distractions. A fantastic solution to escape the yoke of Google, a growing movement among privacy-conscious Internet users. The best web browser published by Microsoft in all its history is a mixture of Chrome and the old Edge that you should try at least.


Cliente de WhatsApp para Windows

WhatsApp Client for Windows

The app that has revolutionized everything in the field of instant messaging has its own client for Windows and is essential on a day-to-day basis. It has a downside, and that is that it only works if you have the mobile version of the app active, but to send and receive messages through WhatsApp whenever you are in front of a Windows computer is perfect.


Creación de un archivo comprimido con 7Zip

Creation of a compressed file with 7Zip

When we talk about computer files, size is important. Compressed files are a constant on the Internet, and a perfect tool to save space. Having a competent compressor and decompressor is almost essential, and although we all remember WinRAR and WinZIP as “a lifetime”, 7-ZIP has long offered the same or better features.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC en un PC con Windows

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on a Windows PC

The PDF format commands when we talk about documents, and to be able to see this type of files Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard. It allows from the most basic, to consult and view PDF documents , to the most complex things, such as creating them, signing them or adding comments, although of course, the advanced functions are reserved for the version of payment.


uTorrent mientras descarga un archivo

uTorrent while downloading a file

The torrent download is still the preferred option for many users to download content from the Internet, and uTorrent continues to be the client of choice. P2P downloads are persecuted in many places, but in others nothing has happened to them and despite everything, VPN services that mask connections proliferate.


VLC al reproducir archivos de música

VLC when playing music files

There are many multimedia players for Windows but the same one, VLC, is always recommended, and not for anything other than its features. There are those who could blame it for lack of updates to catch up, but it is something that has already been resolved. It is once again the best in format compatibility, compatible with streaming broadcasts, subtitles … Essential.


Interfaz de Calibre con la guía de uso inicial abierta

Caliber interface with the initial user guide open

Those who They take advantage of technology to read they know Caliber, the fundamental software to manage electronic books and reading devices. You can organize your library of books in ePUB format easily and quickly to focus on what is really interesting, enjoy reading in the pool or wherever you are.

Keepass Password

Introducción de la contraseña maestra en Keepass

Entering the master password in Keepass

With an increasingly complex and insecure digital life our credentials are sensitive information. That is why it is very important to keep this data securely, for which there are tools such as Keepass. This software is like a password safe : you write down your data and save it under a master password that you define yourself. You just have to write it to access all the information. This way you avoid having to remember a huge number of passwords.


Ventana de instalación de Plex

Kodi appearance after installation

Kodi is a multimedia center , that is, a software that gathers all your video, music or video game content, for example, in one place. Its possibilities are almost endless, especially if you install add-ons, there is a whole universe to enjoy TV, series, movies and much more completely free of charge.


Ventana de instalación de Plex

Plex Installation Window

With the permission of Kodi, Plex is the other media center that should be recommended. You can also gather your movies and series , the albums of your favorite bands and singers or your photos, but it does not have the same ecosystem of accessories as its great rival. Of course, its creators have begun to offer free streaming content with ads thanks to the agreement reached with several distributors and content producers. There are series and movies of all kinds, although we already warned you that it is old content and we will have to wait until it is available in Spanish.


Un chat en Telegram para PC

A chat on Telegram for PC

The other large mobile messaging network also has its own client for Windows with which to start conversations or follow them from the desktop. Unlike WhatsApp, it works independently of the mobile client, that is, you can use the Windows client without having the connection on the smartphone active. For the rest, the service offers some unique things, such as greater security and privacy in messages or the option to participate in channels with thousands of people.


Primera pantalla de Virtualbox

First Virtualbox screen

Do you need to use an old operating system? All you have to do is download its ISO image and load it into a utility like VirtualBox, possibly the software from best known virtualization . It’s like having one computer inside another, and it comes in handy when you need to use software that is no longer supported by your current operating system. You save disk partitions and headaches.


Configuración inicial de Dropbox en Windows

The Spotify client for Windows

The great revolution in the world of music came with the appearance streaming and especially Spotify, the platform that popularized music consumption in this modality. Free account with ads or unlimited, you choose. From there, install a client and have the largest music rental store that you can imagine at your fingertips. It is important to note that rental concept, because although you can download some songs to listen to them offline if you go to the checkout, the music never really belongs to you despite having it always available. You can also enjoy all kinds of podcasts that can be integrated into your playlists.


Dropbox - Review 2020 - PCMag UK

Initial configuration of Dropbox on Windows

The cloud storage allows any user to save their files on the Internet and make them available anywhere. Dropbox is possibly the most popular solution, offering free and paid plans depending on the space you need. Once installed in Windows, you will have a folder that will automatically upload everything you save to the cloud, making it available to any phone or computer that is connected to the Internet.

Format Factory

Interfaz de Format Factory al convertir archivos de audio

Format Factory interface when converting audio files

Passing files from one format to another is one of the most common tasks that can be performed with a PC, and Format Factory is perhaps the most competent converter today. Convert audio or video files to other formats, do it in batch if necessary, and forget about the compatibility problems common in the digital world.

aTube Catcher

Aspecto de aTube Catcher en Windows

Appearance of aTube Catcher on Windows

Since YouTube appeared, downloading the videos from the portal has been one of the most sought after things. There is no official way to do it, but there are many unofficial ones including using aTube Catcher, possibly the most popular YouTube video download software. Paste the URL, choose the format and your video will be downloaded immediately.


Bluestacks instalado en un ordenador Windows

Bluestacks installed on a Windows computer

Power Testing Android apps on a Windows PC is much easier since BlueStacks exists. There are several Android emulators for Windows, but this is the most stable and functional of all the ones we have tested. A good emulator, basic if you use Android as the operating system on your smartphone.


Un tutorial de Photoshop

A Photoshop tutorial

It is the most famous photo editor , to the point where the word is used photoshop to refer to any image retouching work. It is owned by Adobe and although you have a free trial period afterwards you will have to pay a monthly subscription to continue using it. A standard of professional photo editing.


Creación de una nota en Evernote

Creating a note in Evernote

The note-taking par excellence, with clients available on almost every conceivable operating system for seamless data synchronization. Save text, files and much more, organize everything in the most convenient way and access that content from anywhere, of course also from your PC desktop.


TeamViewer es un software de control remoto y soporte

TeamViewer is remote control and support software

Sometimes we need to enter a computer that is not physically in the same place where we are. Access your work PC from home? To the computer at the summer house? Help a family member or friend at a distance? All this and much more is possible with Teamviewer, the most popular remote connection software on the market.


Archivos que es posible recuperar tras un análisis de Recuva

Files that can be recovered after a Recuva scan

We have all mistakenly deleted or lost a file in our life. In these cases, all is not lost, there are solutions capable of analyzing the hard drive in search of them and one of the most popular is Recuva. It can recover almost anything , from multimedia files to many other file types. If you need to rescue something you should try to analyze your disk with it. With a little luck you can get what you are looking for.


Pantalla de inicio del cliente de Amazon Prime Video

Netflix Welcome Window for Windows

Netflix is ​​a multimedia platform where watch series and movies , some of which are very successful. Its arrival in Spain has been an important push for the consumption of streaming content and has opened the doors to the appearance of other similar platforms. With the Windows client you can enjoy your entire catalog directly on your desktop without having to open the web. It also has clients for almost all the devices you can imagine.

Amazon Prime Video

Pantalla de inicio del cliente de Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Client Home Screen

In a similar way to Netflix, the Amazon series and movies platform also has its own native application for Windows 10 to facilitate our enjoyment of its multimedia content on the desktop of our PC. Without having a catalog as extensive as the previous alternative, it is still one of the audiovisual platforms for users around the world, especially since its price is already included in the annual subscription that many Users already pay to enjoy free shipping.


Interfaz del cliente de Steam

Steam client interface

Yes you are a regular player on PC it is almost impossible that you do not know Steam. It is the most important video game platform, an online store where you can buy the main games and news or where you can get the demo of the titles that interest you the most. Having the client installed is an almost essential requirement to be able to manage our account and our games installed on the PC.


Cliente de Discord para Windows

Discord Client for Windows

Dsicord is the most popular platform for video game fans to communicate with other players. It is a chat and text software totally free and available on various platforms. A great VoIP alternative, you just have to accept any invitation you receive or create your own communications server with all your friends to get the most out of your games.


Interfaz principal de Zoom

Interface Main Zoom

In times of confinement, teleworking is the alternative used by many companies to maintain activity. Tools like Zoom allow communication possibilities to be kept intact, allowing conversations between members and group meetings at a distance. Chats, audio messages and of course video calls using your webcam and your microphone, a good alternative to Skype, Hangouts and other similar tools.


Interfaz de CCleaner antes de proceder a limpiar

CCleaner interface before cleaning

As we install and uninstall programs, download files from the Internet or simply make regular use of our PC, it slows down and filling up with junk files that only make our experience worse. The best option to keep our computer optimized and clean is a classic: CCleaner. Piriform’s tool is capable of analyzing our device, eliminating everything that we do not need, deleting cookies from our browser, correcting errors in the registry, uninstalling programs that we no longer use and, ultimately, making our computer work faster.


Árbol de carpetas de FileZilla

FileZilla folder tree

There is no question about it , FileZilla is the best FTP client to transfer files between our computer and a remote server. It may not be a task that we do on a daily basis, but if the time comes we need to do it, there is no better option. It is easy to configure, it is open-source, it is compatible with a lot of transfer protocols and the upload and download speeds that are achieved (obviously depending on your Internet connection) are very high. All this seasoned with a very simple interface that reminds us of the Windows folder system.

Google Drive

Nuestra carpeta personal en Google Drive

Our personal folder in Google Drive

There are many cloud storage services with desktop client for Windows, but few as comfortable to use as Google Drive, basically because we all already have a Google account and also We usually have the mobile app installed by default on our Android, so accessing our files wherever we are is easier than ever. Also is ideal for collaborative work on shared files and the facility to share new content by generating links. From the folder that will be perfectly integrated into Windows Explorer we will have access to an ‘extra’ 15 GB hard drive.


Pantalla de bienvenida de Signal para PC

Signal for PC Welcome Screen

Signal is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging app of 2021, or at least the one that has grown the most. This is due not only to its excellent features in and of itself, but also because its strength is precisely where its main competitors falter: security and privacy . And it only took Facebook and WhatsApp to announce unclear changes to their privacy policy to start the transfer of users to Signal, the app that Edward Snowden already supported in his day. Notably, its free code, its own encryption algorithm, its own desktop client for Windows and the fact that it is supported by donations and not by a large company that would always put its own benefit before user privacy.


Interfaz de Twitch para PC

Twitch interface for PC

If you had asked us a few years ago , perhaps we would have said that Twitch belonged to a small market of users who like video games. But over the last few months, the platform of live streaming Amazon subsidiary has emerged as one of the most popular sites not only for gamers who want to follow the games of their idols but as a place where they can find everything live content type. From interviews to sports broadcasts, through realities and any other type of video of immediate access that approaches the user standing to the content creator.