The Culture Game by Daniel Mezick

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What is the culture game? Mezick suggests it is a game we can win by introducing continuous training into our organisational culture. He believes – as a consequence of the current rapid pace of change – that organisations that learn fast can outflank their competitors. He states that teams that learn quickly are more adaptive and adaptability gets better results by responding to change.

How can we engage in the culture game? Mezick suggests we can benefit from a close study of software development and engage the agile practices and the scrum framework used therein to significant benefit. Join us for the next ten minutes or so as we take a look at his book “The Culture Game: Tools for the Agile Manager” to find out how we can follow his advice.

Agile 101

So what are Agile practices? What have software developers been hiding?

Mezick suggests Agile practices enhance, encourage, and help support genuine team learning. Using Agile, software houses have been able to rapidly and successfully bring software to bear on every facet of life at the same time making sure they understand and build in elements of customer feedback.

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