The Innovator’s DNA by Jeffrey Dyer, Hal Gregersen, Clayton Christensen

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One of the most important questions facing any business today – especially those looking to grow their business through innovation – is which characteristics or attributes signal innovation capability in an individual. Innovation, after all, is something that starts with the individual.

Can you distil what makes some of the most innovative people of all time successful? Buckle up for the next 10 minutes as we unlock the secrets of people like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and other great innovators, and how you too can apply these innovation skills to your business.

What is innovation?

A lot of people mistake creativity for innovation. Where creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is DOING new things. Creativity is necessary for innovation, but it is not sufficient. It takes a different kind of talent to turn a new idea into something that is successful in the marketplace. But before we get to those behaviours, let’s spend a minute debunking some myths about creativity.

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