The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

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There is one secret to tidying up your home or workspace for good: Start by discarding. Then organise your space, thoroughly, in one go. Putting your space in order will positively affect all other aspects of your life. A dramatic reorganisation of the home causes corresponding dramatic changes in lifestyle and perspective. It can be life changing.

When you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order too. The KonMari Method is a guide that will help you acquire the right mindset for creating order and becoming a tidy person.

Why can’t I keep my house in order?

You can’t tidy if you’ve never learned how. Schools and instructors teach everything from cooking to yoga to sewing, but we never teach children how to tidy. Thus, few people actually know how to tidy. Now is the time to learn.

Many experts think that the best way to clean things is one small area at a time. However, this often results in an area being messy again quite soon because everything is only half sorted. If you tidy a little each day, you’ll be tidying forever. If you put your entire house in proper order, you won’t suffer a rebound.

In order to change this lifestyle habit, you must first change your way of thinking. If you tidy up in one shot, rather than little by little, you can dramatically change your mindset. If you use the right method and concentrate your efforts on eliminating clutter thoroughly and completely within a short span of time, you’ll see instant results that will empower you to keep your space in order ever after.

The work can be broadly divided into two decisions: deciding whether or not to dispose of something and deciding where to put it. If you can do these two things, you can achieve perfection.

Many people get the urge to clean up when they’re under pressure because it makes them feel like they’re putting something in order. Tidying provides a temporary relief, and when your room is clean and uncluttered, you have no choice but to examine your inner state. From the moment you start tidying, you’ll be compelled to reset your life. Putting your house in order allows you to confront difficult issues. Tidying is the tool, not the final destination. The true goal is to establish the lifestyle you want.

Tidying up by location is a fatal mistake. Instead, sort by category. For example, tidy books or clothes instead of a particular room. This way, you’ll better grasp the overall volume of the things you have.

The best way to approach tidying is to make it a special event. Don’t do it every day. Daily tidying, such as using something and putting it back in its place, will always be part of our lives. Once you put your house in order, this will be the only tidying you need. Put aside some time and do a dramatic cleanup. Then, you will have no difficulty in putting things back where they belong or in deciding where to keep new things.

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