The market-leading Finnish multinational IT company is expanding in Hungary

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The company continues to actively recruit in Hungary and expects well-trained Hungarian professionals to join.

HCC Embedded Kft. has been acquired as a professional investor by Tuxera, one of the world’s leading specialists in IT storage technology and network transmission, as well as the best-known expert in embedded systems, which now continues to operate as Tuxera Hungary Kft. The interesting thing about the acquisition is that the founder and technology director of the Finnish Tuxera, Szabolcs Szakacsits, is also a Hungarian citizen. Although the specific amount of the transaction is not public, based on the data of the last few years, it would be among the top 10 acquisitions in the IT sector in Hungary.

Both companies are experts in embedded systems and data storage solutions, so they make target computers and target systems that perform a specific task and perform it with 100% security and availability. Tuxera’s systems act as on-board systems for many cars, televisions, among other things, but the company is also developing on-board systems for several Mars missions and other spacecraft, or even submarines, and high-performance data transmission for supercomputers. Market leaders in solutions where up to hundreds of PBs of data need to be processed very quickly.

The newly joined HCC Embedded works in similar fields, and in the field of smaller systems such as microcontrollers, a very strong and interesting example of this is the control unit built into the shoes of one of the best known sports brands, but their products can operate in billions of parts of the world.

Szabolcs Szakacsits, Chief Technology Officer of the Finnish company, said about the benefits of the merger: Tuxera can now serve any customer needs in a one-stop shop, offering a full range of embedded systems. In addition, the transaction has significantly made more efficient the large and long-term investments that come with, for example, licenses for a car-built system. As he said, critical systems, such as those built into cars and production line control systems, but we could also say applications used in telecommunications services, must meet very serious conditions, which are present in the form of licenses and certificates. Acquiring these is a years-long, high-investment process that previously took place in parallel at the two companies. In addition, with the accession of HCC Embedded, Tuxera has been enriched with a world-class team of experts in the field of embedded technologies that could only be built on a global scale in many years. Thus, the two companies united not only their investments, but also their markets, development team and sales, while formally Tuxera Hungary continues to operate as an independent legal entity and subsidiary. The company continues to actively recruit in Hungary and expects well-trained Hungarian professionals to join.

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