The Motivation Myth by Jonathan Manske & Mattison Grey

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What do we do if we have people in our life who under-perform? Friends who don’t live up to their potential? Staff that fail to use their gifts and talents? Normally we turn to motivation. Giving them the praise, appreciation and compliments we hope will inspire greater performance.

Manske and Grey tell us we’re wasting our time. They set out to expose the Motivation Myth: Praise, appreciation, and compliments do not actually do what we think they do. Instead, they produce a far different result, a result that is actually undesirable.

Manske and Grey suggest we turn to acknowledgement. But that’s what we are doing!

We acknowledge people all the time. Not so. It is very likely that we’re giving compliments, appreciation, or praise and calling it acknowledgement.

Lesson 1: Acknowledgement – What It Is and What It Is Not

Acknowledgement is objective and compliments are subjective. Acknowledgement is saying what we have to without our opinion or judgement. If there is opinion or judgement in any of our words it is not acknowledgement.

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