The Network Always Wins by Peter Hinssen

Markets are disappearing and are becoming networks of information. The customer is at the heart. If you understand networks, you will understand the future.

This summary describes what it means to become a network organization and how to influence consumers. It will teach you about new patterns, new cultures and new behaviours, which will help you reinvent your company.

The Age of Uncertainty

The future is characterized by something author Peter Hinssen calls VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Things are changing faster and faster, and we don’t know where things are heading. The world is complex and everything can be interpreted in more than one way.

Therefore, there isn’t one model that holds the perfect strategy for the future. You need to learn to adapt and think fast. You can’t predict everything. Instead, you must prepare as much as you can and keep as many options open as possible.

Business strategies need to be fluid. Companies need to update their strategies frequently if they want to survive.

To stay relevant, Peter Hinssen has developed a VACINE, an acronym of principles that companies must have to survive the rapidly changing future.

V is for velocity. Companies of the future have to move quickly.

A is for agility. Companies need to be fast, swift, and flexible.

C is for creativity. Companies must stay creative to stay relevant.

I is for innovation. Companies must have ongoing efforts to develop new ways to solve current and future problems.