The new Smart Storage feature automatically deletes photos uploaded to Google Photos

How to use the Google Pixel's Smart Storage feature - CNET

Google Photos may now cost a lot more money, but it remains one of the best backup services for clearing your device storage and backing up photos and videos in the cloud. Now, the Google Files app can automatically delete media from Pixel smartphones synced to the cloud with a feature called Smart Storage.

Making its debut on Pixel smartphones via Files by Google app, Smart Storage, accomplishes a simple process. When enabled, the feature will automatically delete photos and videos stored locally on the device if they are already synced with Google Photos.

These files are completely deleted from the smartphone when using feature, but not as soon as they are synchronized. Instead, the feature waits 60 days after the photo or video was taken and uploaded to Google Photos. Note that this feature is disabled by default. 9to5google notes that they have indications that this will be a feature that will be connected to Android 12.