The space industry is a great opportunity for Hungarian companies

Hungary to play a major role in the space industry - Emerging Europe

You can apply until October 21.

The distance between space and our everyday lives is much smaller than we might think at first. Even the simplest business idea may be suitable for conquering the galaxy. With the help of the incubation program of the European Space Agency and the Design Terminal, Hungarian companies can now be active participants and winners in this process: they can receive mentoring and a scholarship of up to EUR 50,000 in the ESA BIC Hungary program.

Do you feel weightless when you wear comfortable sneakers? Have you ever thought about astronauts while baking pancakes? Or the use of pens in spacecraft due to shavings falling from the pencil during sharpening? Countless technological solutions, which are now natural to us, started from the space industry a few decades ago. Namely, in the framework of research and development programs aimed at the conquest of space.

A special casting was first used for the astronauts’ helmets, the idea of ​​which was later passed on by an ingenious space engineer to one of the world’s largest shoe manufacturers. Dare anyone say that there is no transition between the space industry and business! Teflon was used to make spacesuits, while cutting pencils were flammable in spaceships, a problem that gave birth to the idea of ​​pen inserts.

“The space industry is constantly producing state-of-the-art solutions that will, in most cases, benefit us all on Earth,” says Matthias Maurer of the European Space Agency (ESA), astronaut of the European Space Agency. new business ideas can be born. ”

Hungary has been a full member of the ESA since 2015. The organization has been working actively for six years, together with Hungary, on the development of Hungarian space activities. This collaboration is now rising into new spheres: Design Terminal will take over the domestic representation of ESA’s space activities and will now lead the ESA Business Incubation Center Hungary Program, which will pave the way for domestic companies to enter the space industry. The program was opened today by the Design Terminal at the National Dance Theater.

László Jónás, professional leader, spoke about the fact that we are currently moving from the age of ownership to the age of creation. “Instead of machines, the human mind, our own and our community’s knowledge will become the most important means of production. The space industry is one of the most important areas where Hungary can use it.”

Enterprises entering the space industry have a huge potential for development. Dr. Orsolya Ferencz, Ministerial Commissioner for Space Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, emphasized that space research is an area in which anyone can get involved. Not just doctors, engineers or physicists, but also economists, lawyers and young entrepreneurs.

Geraldine Naja, Acting Commercial, Industrial and Procurement Director of the European Space Agency, emphasized in a video message that there is something to build on the development of the Hungarian space industry and that there are plenty of talented young people in Hungary who can stimulate new industrial competencies.

The main goal of ESA BIC Hungary is to develop successful space industry startups and to create and strengthen a space industry community in Hungary. Start-ups included in the program will receive a € 50,000 incentive in addition to business mentoring and technical support.

You can apply at this link until October 21.

ESA operates a total of 22 incubation centers on the continent and has already supported more than 1100 enterprises. Several of these have now grown into global companies. The Design Terminal will provide Hungarian companies with a high level of professional support. DT boasts similar numbers to ESA: as an innovation agency, incubation programs are organized in 12 countries and they have already been involved in the development of more than 1,000 companies.

The 12-24 month incubation program is open to companies whose products and services are based on a new technological invention or which use an existing technology in a new way. So put on a business spacesuit, the frontier this time the stellar milk route, working with ESA can now even result in the invention of a new AirMax!