Think Better by Tim Hurson

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George Bernard Shaw once said “Imagination is the beginning of creation; you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.”

This book will not only give you the connection between imagination and creation, it also shows you how to imagine in the right way. We are living in an economy like the world has never seen before, outsourcing once a hot topic is now business as usual, but as Tim Hurson points out the thinking capacity of an organization can’t be effectively outsourced. What follows are the six steps to thinking more productively but first the 3 things standing in your way to getting that done.

Why productive thinking is so hard?

Productive thinking is hard to do because we simply aren’t wired for it. In fact, there are 3 specific ways that the human condition fights against you in your pursued creation.

First you have what Hurson calls monkey brain. You are hard wired to pay attention to distractions. Maybe this summary is a distraction for you. You probably haven’t paid close attention to every word I have said so far, that’s the monkey brain in action. You’ve got one.

Second, you’ve also got a gator brain. It’s similar to what Seth Godin would call the lizard brain. It’s the part of the brain that is in charge of your instincts. It governs our daily lives then more than we can ever imagine. Most things you do you react first with your gator brain and then develop emotional responses second and then think last. We tend to believe that these sequence happen in reverse. This has some serious implications for how well we imagine a new future.

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