Affiliate Marketing Secret: Traffic Conversion Profit (TCP) Model

So, you have heard about the affiliate marketing business model? It seems like a godsend, right?

Do you know almost 95% of the newbie affiliate marketing drop out in the first few months? The next 4% probably do in the next six months. Only 1 percent survive!

I didn’t even bother to check with the statistics… because I know.

I don’t want you to be among the 99 percent. So, now is the time to be familiarised with the Traffic Conversion Profit (TCP) model.

In the TCP, there are two components that you must know and do well if you want to make a lot of money online:


The two components (traffic and sales conversion) should be your main area of focus in running your internet business. Whether you are successful or not will depend on how well or imaginative you are in managing these two components.

The first component is “Traffic” – the lifeblood of your business. Without visitors coming to your website, you will have no customers. Being able to bring traffic to your site(s) is only one part of the equation.

When visitors land on your site, you must preferably convert them into buyers immediately or able to opt them into your subscriber list which you will later market affiliate products to them.

This is the “Conversion” component which is one area where gurus excel in.

Do you agree that this TCP model is common sense? Yes?

Surprising, the majority of internet marketers do not really understand its secrets or know how to use it correctly!

This is what separates them from the gurus.

Now that you know, don’t go running after some “secret method” being peddled by some snake-oil salesman on the internet.

Instead, select your ONE favourite source of traffic and master it, especially when it comes to converting that traffic into leads, and then into sales.

Test, test, test!

That’s the only secret to succeeding at affiliate marketing.