Udimi Review 2022: Is Udimi Worth It? Or Is It Scam?

Udimi is a site where you may buy and sell solo advertisements with prestigious email lists. Udimi has a wide range of merchants from all around the world who offer clicks at various rates, and sellers come from diverse niches to provide consumers a variety of alternatives.

If you’re looking for a seller who specializes in health topics, you may do so. Each new vendor must pass through a three-step identification procedure, including a passport scan, phone verification, and webcam examination. This ensures that they have the genuine discounts and there are no bots distributing automated traffic.

There’s no need for sellers to do anything else other than the website, and the platform even creates custom ad text on their own.

There are no additional fees for the buyer, as well. The data and statistics based on how many sales they’ve had in the past years as well as their niche are supplied by Udimi. PPC prices are used and it is a relatively reasonable service. There are a few more unusual and distinct items available on this site. Want to learn more? Check out the review below.

Udimi Review

Udimi Review: How it works, pros and cons, and FAQs

Udimi is a marketplace where advertisers can buy and sell their own advertisements. Sellers have high-quality email lists where these advertising may perform effectively and produce a high conversion rate.

A buyer has the option to research the sellers based on their rankings and pick and choose what is best for them. It’s useful for affiliate and digital marketers, too, making it an all-in-one solution for a lot of people. They utilize a “blind rating system,” so that users may be certain that the ratings are accurate and genuine.

The sellers provide opt-in lists that are refreshed on a regular basis to target recipients who are familiar with the senders. These individuals are already interested in their material, so there’s a good chance they’ll see the specific ad and click on it, resulting in increased conversion rates. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics now.

How does Udimi Work?

Udimi has a filter bar that shows how it works. Nothing can be ‘specifically’ looked for without operating that bar. The following are the various filters:

Udimi Pricing Options

Udimi has price ranges starting at 40 cents and going up to $5.50, depending on the seller’s preference. You may choose a Udimi pricing option based on your budget. Because not everyone wants to spend too much money, this selection allows consumers to narrow their search by filtering sellers with poor ratings and prices.

Udimi Pricing Options


On the basis of this filter, a buyer may discover their sector and save time that would otherwise be spent looking for each seller’s specialized filter. This filter allows you to search for possibilities according to your area of expertise.

Udimi Niches

Seller Rating

The platform allows you to filter out seller ratings so that you can identify the higher-rated vendor for your needs. However, the top ranking vendors might be costly, and determining that out is possible by using the pricing option in the filter menu at the same time.

Udimi Seller Ratings

Got Sales?

This filter captures the finest results from the sellers. A buyer may discover how many sales the vendor has completed in the last few months and how many conversions or sales are necessary in their advertising.

Got sales feature

Sorting Filter

Customers can filter out choices and assess them based on sales, pricing, and ratings using the Udimi sorting filter option, making it even easier to discover which solo advertisements are the best. It’s a wonderful way to make things much simpler in less time.

Udimi Sorting Filters

Seller’s location

Udimi offers a location filter that you may use to discover sellers from all around the world and acquire email lists from numerous marketplaces. For example, if a consumer in Canada wants to find a vendor in the United States, they can do so.

Udimi Seller Marketplaces

How soon?

The start within feature calculates the length of time a customer may receive traffic into or acquire email lists through the funnel. With this filter, customers may discover an urgent giving vendor if they need it fast.

Udimi Traffic span filter

Main traffic source

The acquirers can learn the source country of their visitors for greater convenience. This filter is distinct from the seller’s location since it is focused on the right audience in terms of traffic.

Udimi Traffic source

Seller languages

The filter determines the language sellers employ, in case a buyer isn’t fluent in one particular tongue such as English. This is an excellent filter since anybody with access to the web can use it.

Udimi seller language

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Features of Udimi

Udimi features

1. Buyer list

There are numerous Udimi vendors with excellent elite email lists who can provide reasonable conversion rates on the landing page. Anyone may look for sellers based on their area of expertise, pricing packages, sales, and so on. With the aid of a bar, a person may also control how many visitors they require.

2. Reveals seller data

The platform keeps track of every vendor and contains information on everything from their specialties to the number of recent sales. A potential buyer may use this data to determine whether or not they want to work with the chosen vendor. The Udimi information is completely accurate and genuine, and it may be inspected & investigated.

3. Completely hands off

There is no need to give anything to the sellers. All that’s required of the buyer is to pay for the number of visits. Only Udimi provides ad text and placement, as well as distribution to the target audience. This is fantastic since it allows customers to be tension-free and concentrate on something else instead of worrying about how much they paid.

4. Pricing focused deals

It’s a myth that you must spend a lot of money on advertising. On a PPC basis, Udimi provides various pricing alternatives and the customer can pick based on their budget, needs, and niche.

The costs range from 40 cents to $1.95 per click. This is excellent because not many individuals may afford pricey advertisements, and this solves the whole budget problem.

5. Sellers who get sales

There is a filter called “Got Sales” that includes different percentages. The buyer can determine the seller’s capacity by entering a percentage, such as “30%,” and determining their reach. If someone wants extremely broad or particular low reach, they may do so with this tool.

6. Ordering traffic

The purchased traffic can then be added to the company’s private funnel on any platform. Udimi allows a user to see how much traffic they’ve received from the platform specifically. That traffic may be added to the sales funnel to broaden your business’s reach and improve earnings.

7. Best sellers

The best sellers are identified and filtered out by the Udimi platform based on their position on Udimi and their niche. They also show how well the top sellers are doing and provide pricing information for consumers.

If the seller’s reputation is excellent, it will provide a cream clientele to the buyer and a high conversion rate from their email list.

8. Specialized sellers

There are thousands of vendors on the platform, each with their own area of expertise. Almost everyone has stated something like “I specialize in Win iPhone advertising” or anything similar in their description.

There are specific niches for categorizing the users by. The categories are marketing, finance, health, mobile, social, and cryptocurrency.

9. Orders

A person may view and review their purchases and sales in the bar on the left side of the screen in Udimi Orders. Check any or all orders at any time of day. There are cells to keep track of all purchased, sold, and total orders. It also gives traffic delivery statistics for enhanced clarity and understanding.

10. Ad texts

Udimi eliminates the need for ad texts, so the buyer never has to. If they want to maintain a low level of tension, this is the platform for them since the major job has already been accomplished by it. All they have to do now is simply provide a URL, and all will be done.

11. Funds & earnings

The platform keeps track of the funds, and it provides comprehensive data regarding them. The choice can be found on the left-hand side of the page and consists of three cells for all, plus, and minus. It also displays information based on solo earnings and returns.

12. Friends

There is a choice to include the required buyers or sellers in the following list on the platform. It’ll be a fantastic method to interact with everyone and keep agreements with them for longer.

There are cells with names like “My Friends,” “I follow,” and “Following me.” A setting cell is also included, in which the user can define their own criteria on who may send them a friend request.

13. Landing Pages

The buyer may create a landing page by hiring page-building vendors for improved user experience. The option is called ‘My Landers’ in the left corner. It provides a fast overview of the site, statistics, subscribers, and lets you to change the name of the website or rename it. It aids in the creation of landing pages as well

14. Optin Tracking

Udimi provides tracking pixels for purchasers to monitor and evaluate Optins and Sales. This will assist the buyer in determining which solos are successful and functioning well. Once they’re identified, it’ll help to lower expenses by not purchasing ineffective traffic, and improve income as a consequence of purchasing only effective traffic from vendors

Udimi takes data from a variety of sources and analyzes it to reveal insights about the platform for its users. This choice is accessible via the settings menu on the left side of the screen.

15. Affiliate Program

Some other method of earning than solo advertisements is available on this platform. Udimi has an Affiliate Program accessible for current customers and vendors, where they may earn a 5% commission by recommending the product to others who might be interested in signing up. There are three programs known as “General,” “Recommended,” and “Prime Subscription.”

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Udimi Prime Membership Review

Udimi Prime

1. Membership site

The user can access the microsite designer on Udimi prime, which will allow them to create their own unique landing pages with text, photos, and formatting. They’ll be able to see the web statistics report, which will provide up-to-the-minute analytics for their page and free hosting for as long as they’re a prime member.

2. Click Filter Upgrade

This filter is unique since it is based on the platform’s 6-year history in this field, as well as millions of data points. A person using this membership receives additional filtering on all of their solos, with the exception of basic filtering. The platform’s enhanced click filter, which employs sophisticated technology to eliminate meaningless or bot-interfaced visits

3. Affiliate program

Udimi pays 15 percent of each purchase made by someone who was referred by you. The percentage rises to 25% if they become a prime member. If the person promoting is also a prime member, Udimi pays them a commission of 50%. This is how one may make more money by participating in the program.

4. Discounts

Prime members are twice as likely to win a discount or an offer if they post a rating. If someone is a Prime member, the platform automatically applies the current reduction on their next purchase. The member doesn’t even have to think about putting it manually.

5. Email Validator

Udimi understands that creating the ideal campaign takes a long time, so it gives buyers the choice of having their emails validated. This verifies lists and ensures that traffic is effective in producing a higher return on investment. It removes low-quality addresses from high-quality contacts, ensuring that they are engaged with your brand. Campaign effectiveness, segmentation decisions

6. Access to profile view stats

The report displays stats such as how many times the user has visited Udimi and what their average revenue per session is. It also shows whether or not the user’s profile on Udimi has been viewed, allowing both buyers and sellers to learn how to improve and boost their profiles in order to increase sales and convert more visitors into potential customers.

7. Enhanced support

The enhanced support is one of the perks offered to prime members. The prime member receives better customer service, faster ticket processing, and a shorter time to solve the whole problem. In order to communicate with them, the person may check if the supervisor is available by looking at when they are online. Members also have early access to all new features a month

8. Historical Data with detailed statistics

Only minimal accounts may access historical data that is only a few months old, whereas Udimi prime members have unrestricted access to look at data for the rest of their membership.

Udimi Extras Review

Udimi Extras

1. Ad text writers

There are Ad Text writers who are hitting it out of the park with stunning advertisements created by them. As a result, because these ads were made with the user in mind, the results are equally as excellent.

2. Custom Landing Pages

There are specialist designers on hand who can produce documented and high-converting landing pages that are tailored to their offerings. This is excellent because a buyer won’t have to spend much time hunting for what they’re looking for elsewhere online.

3. Freebies

Free solo ads are a way to get things that usually cost a lot of money for free after purchasing or selling them.

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Pros of Udimi

Easy to use interface:

Udimi is a simple-to-use and straightforward platform that does not need any experience to run. It can be used by anybody, even a novice, with no problems.

Great features for both standard and prime:

The platform has a lot of great characteristics for both premium and prime members, making it an excellent choice for anybody on either side of the financial spectrum.

Very affordable for buyers:

The ClickFactory platform is quite cost-effective for clients, as they may purchase a click for between 40 cents and $1.95 USD and obtain high-quality traffic that can lead to leads and customers.

Generates profits in bulk for sellers:

Sellers tend to acquire numerous visitors at the same time, so they may make a healthy profit. They have the choice of establishing their own pricing anywhere from 40 to 95 cents.

Customer support present:

Customer care is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers. Anyone may contact them and receive assistance.

Cons of Udimi

A little fewer options for the sellers:

Over here, there are fewer alternatives for vendors, however it does provide exceptional benefits to customers while also being a great platform for profit boosting.

Udimi FAQs

Is Udimi worth your money?

Yes, Udimi is a fantastic and one-of-a-kind platform for selling solo advertising. It’s very cost-effective for buyers while also providing substantial purchases to sellers.

What is the difference between Prime and Standard?

Prime is quite user-friendly and offers a lot of assistance. The new features are made available to prime members first, with non-members following soon after. There’s also a microsite builder on their website that allows you to earn extra money through affiliate programs.

Is Udimi good for solo ad vendors?

Yes, at first it appears that they’re receiving a low PPC rate, but buyers in the United Kingdom typically purchase traffic from them in bulk, resulting in a nice profit for sellers.

How does the affiliate program work?

There are three levels of commission, as well as three programs. The basic one pays out 15% commission, the referral to prime 25%, and a prime user himself pushing it 50%.

Are there any extra pluses of joining Udimi?

The platform creates a landing page and a thank you page, especially for the individual. On the other hand, buyers are not required to write ad copy and may receive extra goods with their purchases!

Our Final Opinion

We think solo ads are a necessary evil. If you are in the biz-opp/make-money-online, nutra or cryptocurrency niches, you probably can’t promote your offer on mainstream traffic sources like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, and solo ads are your best traffic alternative.

When it comes to Udimi, we believe it is a 100% transparent and reliable platform where you can order solo ad traffic from genuine solo ad sellers (there are scammers too!). But Udimi takes strict measures to weed out those who try to game the system. I personally have seen many sellers been banned because of their bad traffic.

That said, if you are looking to buy solo ads, Udimi should be your first choice—it’s working for your best interests. With all the essential features to filter out the best solo ad vendors, we believe it is at least worth a try.

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