What is a Solo Ad? 32 Ideas to Crush Solo Ads Like a Pro!

Are solo ads great for your service?

Can they drive fantastic traffic?

Yes you can, and more!

Below are 32 incredible suggestions that Harris Fellman from Trafficforme has for you.

Read how this guy makes $50k with solo ad traffic.

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What Is A Solo Ad?

Prior to diving into the 32 ideas that Harris Fellman shared, you must understand what a solo ad is.

Solo ads are ads on other individuals’ e-mail lists in which your product is the only offer promoted in a single email.

These ads have links to drive traffic to your site or funnel.

Solo ads are a marketing media with which you’re leasing an e-mail list of an individual (solo ad seller) with the primary emphasis on driving traffic to your funnel/product’s landing page.

When purchasing a solo advertisement, targeting is of the essence. If you have a MLM biz opp to promote, make sure it’s a great fit with the traffic service provider’s list.

Solo marketing can be extremely lucrative if done. Expense per click/CPC can be rather affordable compared to pay-per-click/PPC sources such as FB Advertisements and Google Advertisements.

Old-school Pay Per Click on the other hand is a much better choice if you have extremely particular requirements, and you want to pay out more cash (given that the expense per click will normally remain between $2 and $8 and even more). With solo ads, it’s constantly a much better concept to drive traffic to a landing page and gather visitors’ e-mails than straight to the item.

Recovering cost on your advertisement investment ought to be your very first concern. If you have a sales funnel in location, your method needs to be to recover cost as quickly as possible. If you gather e-mails, you’ll have a method to call the customer once again (till they unsubscribe), and you can send them email followup e-mails for as long as you desire (by means of an autoresponder).

Let’s have a look at a short situation to get a much better concept of what they appear like and how they’re utilized.

Show how a solo ad works - a person with 35 subscribers handing their opt-in page to a person with 100,000 subscribers

Let’s state that Brian simply began an affiliate marketing organization in the health specific niche.

He has a complimentary report about protein consumption that he distributes to individuals for their e-mail address on an opt-in page.

Far, he’s selected up 35 to e-mail customers from publishing routinely in a health-related Facebook group.

He desires to speed up progress in his business.

After investigating health influencers online, he discovers Sarah, a health coach who’s thrived in the market for ten years.

After connecting to Sarah, Brian learns she might send out an e-mail to her list motivating her customers to look at his opt-in page because she believes it’s good enough for her list.

In exchange, Brian pays her a cost to get 500 clicks to his opt-in page.

This is a solo ad.

Solo ads have actually been an e-mail marketing tool for several years now, and individuals still take advantage of them to this day because of how reliable they are.

Now, let’s enter the ideas to assist you in getting the most out of your solo ads.

Idea # 1: Find out Who Is Composing The Topic Line And Advertisement

Depending upon the marketplace, you might can compose the subject line and the general ad copy, however in other markets, it’s basic practice for the e-mail list owner to compose the subject line and advertisement.

If the owner of the list wishes to compose their own ads, this can conserve your money and time on copywriting – however, remember their copy is what’s going to make or break your solo advertisement.

Talk about the advertisement copy with the owner of the list prior to you run the advertisement.

Idea # 2: Interact With The Individual You’re Purchasing Advertisements From.

You aren’t purchasing advertisement area from a robot – you’re purchasing it from an individual. Since of this, make certain the individual is credible prior to you buy your advertisement:

Do they guarantee their traffic?
Are they responsive?
Do they appear simple to deal with?
Do you trust them?
Do you feel great about dealing with the list owner?

If you say “no” to any of these concerns, get another list owner.

Why squander your cash around, right?

Idea # 3: Test The List

It is very important to check a list prior to you run a complete advertising campaign.

With that being stated, DON’T evaluate the peak! Evaluate the tiniest quantity that the list owner will let you check to see what type of outcomes you get.

By doing this, you keep the loss potential low and prevent blowing cash on a project in vain.

Idea # 4: Look At Email Lists You Follow

Prior to you running advertisements, examine that there are real e-mail lists in your market.

If there are e-mail lists in your market that you follow, that validates that e-mail marketing exists in your market.

Showing how to do a google search to find email lists in the health and fitness niche

Idea # 5: Contact Individuals You’re Following

If you’re currently following list owners, you might currently have some list owners that you can get in touch with to run solo ads with.

While not everybody is open to solo ads, many individuals are.

Contact individuals in your market and see if you can invest $250 or so to market to their list.

Idea # 6: Inspect The Marketplaces Listed Below (They’re Certainly Serviced By Solo Ads).

Not every market is best for solo ads.

With that stated, here are a couple of markets that solo ads work in:.

Online marketing.
Self Development.

If your market isn’t on that list, look more into it. You still might can run solo ads.

Idea # 7: Consider Your Specific Niche For Click Objectives.

Some specific niches are going to get more clicks than others.

More innovative specific niches might get fewer clicks.

The larger your general market is, the most likely you’ll be to get clicks. If you have a specialized specific niche, however, you likely will not see the exact same outcomes as a more basic specific niche.

Idea # 8: Consider Your Click Rates (In Relation To Your Specific Niche).

Not all specific niches have similar click rates.

For health, you might get 1,000 visitors for $1,500, while for individual advancement you might get 1,000 visitors for $1,200.

Consider your particular niche when finding out click costs.

Idea # 9: Think about How The List Owner Charges (CPM Vs. CPC).

Service providers frequently charge in one of 2 methods:.

CPM (expense per thousand impressions).
CPC (cost-per-click).


An impression is the number of times a special individual sees an advertisement, while a click is a physical click.

Prior to you buying from the list owner, see which they charge and whether that remains in line with the objectives of your particular project.

Some markets will just handle CPC, others just in CPM.

It is essential to remember that CPM will not ensure a particular click-through rate.

Idea # 10: A 200-500 Click Project Is A Great Start.

When you’re very first beginning, you do not wish to blow all your cash simultaneously.

If the project stops working, this can leave you with uninspired outcomes and no cash delegated run another (more effective) project.

If you’re brand-new and do not have a great spending plan, begin with 200-500 clicks. This will supply you with metrics without costing you excessive cash.

Idea # 11: Less Than 200 Clicks Will Not Provide You Enough Data.

With that being stated, less than 200 clicks will not gather the information you require to figure out whether your advertisement achieved success.

Your project requires to get you a minimum of 200 clicks, however you actually ought to intend to be closer to 500.

Idea # 12: Try to find 35-40% Opt-In Rate Totally Free Download Funnels.

When you’re thinking about the opt-in rate for your complimentary download funnels, bear in mind that 35-40% is ideal.

That implies that approximately 35-40 of every 100 visitors (350-400 out of 1,000) must opt-in for your complimentary download.

If you’re getting less than that, consider what modifications you can make to increase the opt-in rate.

Idea # 13: Offer Clients Something With A Tripwire.

Tripwires are an excellent method to evaluate success while likewise making some money along the method.

Test in the $9.99 to $29.99 variety and see just how much you make back.

If you discover that your tripwire is effective, you’re most likely to make cash on the backend.

The definition of tripwire - "An irresistible, low-priced offer designed for the sole purpose of turning an audience into customers.

Idea # 14: Do Not Utilize Webinars For Email Projects.

Webinars are among the most effective sales tools out there.

They do not work for every circumstance, and e-mail projects are one of those situations.

While they work well on Facebook, they rarely work for e-mail.

Do not even trouble attempting to transform clients to webinars through your e-mail projects. It’s a waste of a solo advertisement and, in turn, a waste of your marketing budget plan.

Idea # 15: Top Quality Video Sales Letters (VSLs) Transform!

No matter how great your solo ads are, you still require to offer your clients once they click your link.

That’s where VSLs can actually assist.

Even longer VSLs (20 minutes approximately) can deal with terrific copywriting. If you wish to make money from your project, think about utilizing a VSL.

Idea # 16: Bear in mind That Email Traffic Is Cold Traffic.

If you’re running a solo advertisement on somebody else’s list, it’s still cold traffic.

Even if the list owner provides you with an outstanding evaluation, you’re still unknown to the consumer (or the email recipient).

Compose your copy to show this type of traffic.

While you can certainly still transform, do not expect your conversions to be the like the list owner’s conversion rate. Keep in mind, it’s YOUR task to make cold traffic warmer, not the list owner’s (unless they composed the advertisement).

cold vs. warm vs. hot traffic

Idea # 17: Consider What You want To Spend For What Conversion Rate.

The metrics and advertisement invest that you’re comfy with depends on you.

Still, choose an unbiased conversion rate that you’re striving to prevent blowing your cash.

The method you determine your conversion rate is by taking the variety of individuals that register to your list or purchase your item and divide it by the variety of visitors.

Make certain you’re at a conversion rate that you’re comfy with.

20 sales/200 visitors=10% conversion rate

Idea # 18: Funnels Assist You Recover Cost.

A great deal of web online marketers expect to benefit from the in-advance sales in their funnel, however, that’s an error. Typically, funnels just permit you to recover cost.

You might even run at a loss!

Little deals and affiliate deals get individuals in the door, however, they aren’t enough to scale.

Idea # 19: The BACKEND Makes You Cash.

If the funnels aren’t making you cash, how do you make cash?

You generate income on the BACKEND.

What we show by the backend is the set of items that individuals purchase after they have actually made a preliminary purchase with you.

You must have a terrific backend to benefit from your marketing efforts.

Idea # 20: Copywriting Is One Of The Most ESSENTIAL THING.

Your solo ad will not get you any outcomes without great copywriting!

If you aren’t a terrific copywriter, you either require to discover the art of copywriting or work with an excellent copywriter.

Do not run advertisements with dull copy or you’ll get uninspired outcomes.

Idea # 21: Stop Using Bots.

Everybody desires the simple option to growing their list and earning money, so individuals typically rely on bots to assist them get outcomes.

There aren’t faster ways in this video game.

Bots are ineffective and do not assist you to grow in any method. They might even harm you.

As your list grows, ensure it’s filled with consumers and not BOTS.

Idea # 22: Block Bots.

Purge your list regularly and keep it free from bots.

This might take a little additional effort, however, it ensures you do not have “individuals” on your list that aren’t ever going to make a buy.

Idea # 23: Google Top Sites In Your Area To Discover Prospective Lists For Solo Ads.

Discovering business in your space that permits you to run solo ads is quite simple.

A fast Google search can assist you to discover some exceptional lists to run ads on.

Idea # 24: Inspect Alexa (The Site) For Leading Sites In Your Specific niche.

Alexa is a remarkable resource you need to be taking advantage of!

Through Alexa, you can discover some exceptional sites in your specific niche to run solo ads on.

Idea # 25: Examine Leading Blog Sites In Your Area.

Many of the leading blog sites in your area have lists – even if they have not traded a solo ad in the past.

Try to find leading blog writers in your area, and approach them about running solo ads. Even if they have not done it previously, they might a minimum of be open to the concept.

Google search 'top blogs in fitness'

Idea # 26: Try Udimi.

Udimi is a market for solo ads. Purchaser beware, though – not all the lists are great. When utilizing Udimi, run smaller sized campaigns initially to evaluate out the list that you’re acquiring the ad from.

Idea # 27: Try DedicatedEmails.

DedicatedEmails is an outstanding tool for discovering e-mail lists to deal with.

Have a look at DedicatedEmails and see if the lists you discover there are the best lists for your requirements.

Idea # 28: Send out Emails For 1x a Month.

While two times a month sometimes works, sending out e-mails 1x a month typically works well.

How often works well must be checked, and the frequency must be changed after the outcomes start pouring in.

Interact with the list owner to see what works best for them.

Idea # 29: Send Out E-mails To HALF Of The Email List-Holder’s Users.

Often, list owners do not understand their specific metrics.

If they state they have 10,000 users, think about sending your e-mails to 5,000.

This will conserve your investment and guarantee that you’re, in fact, reaching the variety of individuals you’re spending for.

Idea # 30: Keep Solo Ads Brief And To The Point.

While longer advertisements often work, much shorter is typically much better.

Think about having a look at some solo ads in your specific niche to see how long they are and shoot to reproduce that word count.

Idea # 31: Get Them To CLICK.

You do not need to sell – you simply get them to click and let the sales letter or VSL do its task.

The aim of your solo ad is to drive traffic.

Do not concentrate on anything else.

Idea # 32: Try ClickMagick And AnyTrack For Tracking.

ClickMagick and Anytrack (a better and cheaper alternative) are 2 of the most reliable tracking tools offered to online marketers today. Examine them out to much better examine and enhance your projects.

These tools will assist to track your advertising campaign.

Go out & use these solo ad tips.

They won’t do you much good if you do not take action.

To get the most out of these suggestions, you want the experience of running solo ads yourself.

These 32 pointers will assist you to develop the very best solo ad campaign possible and get endless traffic for your business.

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