Where to buy solo ad traffic?

Solo ad traffic is truly hot. Many of the internet marketers are employing them to generate income online. And there are a great deal of sites to purchase and offer solo advertisements in the IM market.

Among the greatest concerns we get inquired about solo advertisements is, where can I purchase these for other specific niche markets? You see, if we want to purchase solo ads for weight reduction or solo ads for real estate, where do I purchase that? There’s in fact a great deal of various platforms where you can do that.

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4 Best Solo Ad Sources to Buy Traffic From (IMO!)

nextmark.com, arcamax.com, dedicatedemails.com and bmielite.com

One of my preferred ones is arcamax.com. We have actually utilized them for a long time. They possess a huge newsletter with millions of subscribers. And they have other smaller sized specific niche newsletters that you can get access to. Please note that their bigger list is usually the moneymaker, and that’s why they typically talk about that one. However, if you have a cheaper budget, the smaller niche newsletters are where you should focus on.

Arcamax.com is a fantastic location to purchase solo advertisements for other markets. Even basic interest. If you have actually got a deal that’s doing truly actually well, and you simply require more traffic duration, they have actually got lots and lots of traffic readily available.

Another one is dedicatedemails.com. They do not have great deals of various markets however if you want to purchase for the property market, for financial investments market, personal improvement, online money making, they have some health and wellness inventory too—they are actually fantastic.

We are great friends with the owners, the Litman brothers — Brian and Michael Litman. They have access to a lot of the big experts’ lists. If you want to gain access to those lists, you’re going to require an investment upwards of $1,000. They would wish me to inform you that upwards of $2,000 and they’re terrific.

We have actually gotten terrific conversions off them… so the very first one, arcamax.com, 2nd one dedicatedemails.com that’s my finest one right there. And after that, another one is newsmax.com.

Anything that targets the males 35 and older, they have access to that market and lots of millions of them. If you simply want to access the older, conservative male—if you have actually got something about like heart issues, pills that resolve heart issues, joint pain killer, age defying things, for age regrowth, hairloss… newsmax.com is your best bet.

You can also go to a site called nextmark.com—if you wish to discover all their lists, you go to the lists.nextmark.com and you can browse all the various lists that they have readily available. There’s lots of them on every single subject. Not just email list however; you can get phone list, you can get snail mail list, you can get many types of contact details at Nextmark.

The last one is bmielite.com (BMI Elite). What they do is they go out, it’s assembled list, so it does not translate into conversions and a proven purchaser’s list or a membership list. If you want to have access to 12 million genuine estate brokers, they have actually got that. Go try them out! They have heaps of e-mail customers and lots of diverse markets.

Solo Ad Sellers on Facebook

Do you understand that there are several Facebook groups committed to solo ads marketing? Yes, purchasers share their solo advertisements reviews on Facebook groups and suggest great sellers to assist others. Individuals are sharing their experiences with each seller too. Simply browse on Facebook with terms like “solo ads,” solo ads reviews, “e-mail swaps” to discover groups focused on solo ads.

Solo Ads Sales Testimonials Facebook Group

  • Sign up with all Facebook groups on solo advertisement reviews and look for the seller’s previous work. You will discover some opinions. Ask for feedback from previous purchasers personally.
  • Some groups have a blacklist in which individuals put deceitful solo ad vendors or traffic companies. Make sure your sellers’ names aren’t mentioned on them.
  • Go to the seller’s site if there is one. Inspect the seller’s prices structure and reviews. In truth, solo advertisements traffic isn’t low-cost like Pop ads and Push ads.
  • Get a discussion going and ask how the list is developed and what promotions work well on his/her list. Ask if he/she is making cash with their lists and how many fresh leads are building up each day.
  • Start gaining solo ads in little bits. Examine the traffic quality from your own tracker.


Constantly study more about the seller and discover feedback from genuine clients prior to purchasing solo advertisements email traffic.

Solo Ad Sellers on WarriorForum

Warriorforum is the free most popular web marketing online forum out there. In Warriorforum Classifieds advertisement area, you can discover solo ad suppliers offering solo e-mail traffic for a cheap price.
You can join with other e-mail online marketers in the Joint Ventures area to advertisement swap.


Typically, almost all solo advertisement sellers remain in IM/MLM and Biz Opp specific niches. If you’re looking for Solo advertisement online marketers in particular niches such as health & physical fitness specific niches, Warriorforum isn’t the most fit location for you to purchase targeted solo advertisements traffic.

Buy Solo Ads from Udimi Marketplace

Udimi is a solo email ads marketplace where sellers and purchasers come into touch with one another to make solitary ad offers. Udimi is free to join and has the advantage of allowing you to get started quickly.

Udimi guarantees traffic through its solo advertisements marketplace, which is distinct from other solo ad websites. Udimi eliminates spam traffic and useless clicks so you don’t have to pay for them, as well as reimbursing you if a Solo ad vendor does not deliver all clicks.


A quick review of Udimi solo email ad marketplace:

I have bought solo ads there many times in my past as it was very cheap, but now they seem to be disqualified from being listed on WarriorForum even though they are still sending mass emails every day:

(By the way, I am not affiliated with them)

Pros: The biggest pro for me is you will never get banned at Udimi and that’s why people go there to buy traffic. They are very cheap and you can get a lot of sign-ups for your offer, but they will never be super-targeted or niche related. Most of the sales I got there were low quality ‘get rich quick’ type offers;

Cons: On the other hand, if you want to promote expensive affiliate products such as Clickbank, JVZoo etc, Udimi is not an option since their conversions rate for CB products is only around 1%.

Another pro about Udimi solo ads is that you can request any number of clicks without having to order in bulk packages which makes it easy instead of buying 500 clicks at once from some providers.

Then again, a big con about them is they do not accept adult content (so if your site is adult related you can forget about it) and they also do not allow coupons. So if you want to promote a coupon offer, Udimi is not an option for you.

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