Where to promote ClickBank offers

I feel like this question is asked almost daily in the ClickBank / IM World. Where should I promote my affiliate products? Websites, blogs, forums… where else can I get traffic from? That’s why I’m doing this little post.

The best way to find out where your target audience spends time is simply by looking at the sites they are visiting. Think about it; if you are interested in sports, which sites do you visit? Or better yet, why do you go to those specific sites. Is it for statistics? Do you just like reading the news? Analyzing these answers will help you find out where your traffic spends time on the web. You have to know where your market is and what they’re doing and how you can get into their pocket without losing them as a visitor.

To help you choose the right traffic source for your ClickBank offers, I’ve made a list of the most visited sites on the net. All these websites have proven to generate an enormous amount of traffic, and they are all related to your niche in some way or another.

The good thing about promoting ClickBank products is that you only need your affiliate link. ClickBank does everything else itself (customizing your page, adding your ClickBank ID, showing an email sign-up form and much more).

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How to promote ClickBank products with a blog

Clickbank Marketplace - ONLINE MARKETING For Clickbank Products

Create helpful content that links to your affiliate link. Do not simply spam mindlessly! Speaking of which, I just realized how many times I’ve written “clickbank” in this sentence alone. ClickBank must be really happy with me right now…

Ok, back on topic again. If you’re writing a review about a product and you mention the negative aspects about it as well (if there are any), people will be able to trust your opinion better because they know you’re being fair and objective about it.

You can also give away e-books or even physical products such as pens/keychains etc if that is relevant to what you are promoting. An example of an e- would be like when someone is promoting an e-book teaching people how to make money, they can give away a physical clickbank pen or keychain.

This will definitely help your list grow along with the sales of your affiliate link because everyone likes free things!

How to promote products with solo email ads

Solo Ads - Social Emergers

Solo email ads are a way to promote products and services. They are messages sent by businesses to the buyers of their products via email with the sole goal of selling or promoting something. The buyer’s name is embedded within the email in order for it to look like a conversation between friends when opening the message. Solo emails are also known as one-to-one emails or 1:1 marketing, due to this personal interaction that they provide with each potential customer. The objective of writing a solo ad is usually to get others aware about what you’ve got for business without being too pushy, but at the same time, asking people if they’re interested in your product/service because you know it’ll help them solve their problem/solve their needs.

When writing a solo email, it is important to have the following in mind:

Determine your audience and create a plan where you outline how many emails need to be sent and to whom. Make sure that you include all the benefits of using or buying your product/service and sell them for these reasons. Then get straight to the point by asking them if they would like further information about your offer or if they are interested in knowing more about it. This is where you include an opt-in link so that they can fill out the form with their name, address and contact details so that you can follow up with making them aware of what they’ve got coming from you through newsletters or mailing lists. After this, you must include all the pertinent information of your offer, like how much it costs and when it’s available. This way, people can easily choose whether to buy from you and will get a general idea of what they should expect from your business through subsequent communications.

Solo email marketing is an effective tactic that has been proven to work again and again, if it’s done right. When done correctly, solo ads can be a great tool for establishing trust with potential customers and gain new clients by offering quality products and services that are worth every penny. You have to ensure that you respect your customer’s time. This means not sending them messages too often or without any valid reason. One promotional email every once in a while is more than enough and you have to be sure that the message you’re sending has value. This way, people will want to keep coming back for more information about your company. Align yourself with their expectations in order to make the most of your solo ads.

How to promote products on Instagram

I will show you the hacks and tools that I am using to promote my offers on Instagram. They are working for me even with a low budget of $2-$3 per day !!!

How To Promote Your Business On Instagram

It is not easy at first – but I can guarantee you bonuses up to 100$ every few weeks if you keep following this guide!

Promoting through Instagram is effective . You just have to find a way how!

What do we want:

– We want users/people who publish photos under our hashtags and like our post (or follow us)

– Likes or followers

– New visitors from hashtags or keywords we used

– Sales or new sign-ups

Let’s start: 1. Profile and Hashtags

I decided to promote the “Cute Insta” offer from Joshua Zamora. It is working great for me even with a low budget. This means that this method can be used on all offers except Adult/Pornography ones like: Brazzers, Digital Playground … etc. For these offers, Instagram blocks your account if you are using them too much !!! But it is not a problem if you know how to do it right! The first thing we need to create is an Instagram account that will promote our offer for us (duh) ! It has to look professional so people trust us as they see us as an authority in our offer niche. That is why I usually recommend people use their own photos and real names (if possible) .

Remember : Your account has to look trustable ! No Porn or Adult offers allowed!

The next thing we need to do is to find the perfect hashtags for our offer that have big traffic . These are the tags where we will find our new subscribers. For my “Cute Insta” offer, I like using these hashtags: #bikinibod #bootybootybooty #beachready – but it depends on your offer of course.

2. Find users who did what you want them to do

You remember when you were a kid and your mom told you everywhere there are nice people? It is the same here: If you want to find nice people, you have to do a little search ! I try to be as precise as possible with my searches so I don’t waste time.

I am looking for users who recently published photos under our keywords or hashtags (or both) and liked our posts! We need this because if they like our post, there is a big chance that they are following us already and we can ask them nicely to also share our affiliate link.

3. Posting and engaging

Now comes the fun part ! We will now like other user’s photos who match exactly what we were looking for in step 2 . But it is not over yet – how can we get their attention easily ? You can do this in several different ways: – like their recent photos first and wait for them to come back to you and like your photo (this is what I usually do) – comment on one of their photos with “Hey! I liked your photo, can I ask you something?” – follow them so they come back later when you liked their photos 5 minutes ago

Easy, right?

When we engage these users by liking their photos, commenting or following them, we will see all other photos they liked or commented on their recent activities on Instagram. These are the photos where I posted my affiliate link.

You can also engage them by asking them to follow you back (if they are not following you already) and/or send them a private message! Usually, people like when a cute girl with big assets comments on their photo so this is an easy way to get noticed and build a connection!

4. Posting our offer

We already have these users liking our posts – now it’s time for us to ask them nicely if we can give them more likes in exchange of something: YOUR PROFIT! They usually say yes because many of these accounts don’t have any real followers so these likes are worth 10 times more to them than for someone who already has a lot of followers.

You can also ask them to share your link with their friends or even pay you! This works great if they have a big audience as well because then you will get new subscribers really fast ! 🙂

How to promote offers on Pinterest

Since Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites, it’s essential to promote your offers there. However, before you dive in and start promoting offers only on Pinterest, be sure that they’re actually suitable for visual presentation—otherwise it can backfire and drive people away from your store instead of attracting them. If you feel like your offer is good enough for Pinterest as well as all other digital channels where you promote it (i.e. Facebook), here are some tips & tricks that will help you attract more customers via this platform:

As Pinterest IPOs, its coverage is often pretty sexist — Quartz

1) Post images related to your offer

Just like with other platforms (e.g. Facebook), the first step when creating a promotion on Pinterest posting an image that reflects what you sell. For example, if you own an online store that sells women’s clothes & shoes and offer a set of winter boots half price—in this case your image should obviously be related to these boots (e.g. some model wearing them). You can also post images with other apparels as long as they’re somehow connected to the product you want to promote (i.e. both brands use the same colours, patterns or have the same textures OR you create collages/mash-ups).

2) Make sure it’s a good quality photo

Since visuals are what attract people on Pinterest more than anything else—it’s crucial to make sure that your photos are high quality so that people like them right away when scrolling through their Pinterest feed. A good way to achieve this is by uploading photos that don’t have any logos & product labels on them and are from eye-level (they show the object in a natural position instead of at an angle). Good lighting is also important—try to avoid dark & blurry images!

3) Use hashtags

Hashtags can be used when pinning your offer (just like you would do it on other platforms). They make your pins easier to find for users who are searching for particular hashtags related to your ClickBank offer. To get started with hashtags, start with these basic ones: #spirituality #manifestation #lawofattraction etc. You can come up with more yourself based on what you sell and what your target audience is into. Then, go ahead and tag your items on Pinterest and see how people react to them (e.g. what kind of pins/boards they repin the most).

4) Collaborate with influencers

Pinterest has an advantage over other platforms when it comes to finding new customers – their feed shows you Pins from influencers that are related to things you like and are actively following. Since these users have a lot of followers themselves, posting a collaboration offer on one of their boards can be extremely beneficial for both parties involved! For example, if somebody with 100k+ followers repins your offer onto his/her board (mainly targeted towards men in case of fashion & clothing promotion), you’ll get a lot of potential customers who are interested in men’s fashion and might be interested in your offer as well!

5) Schedule your posts on Pinterest

Although scheduling is not a must when promoting offers on Pinterest – it does help to set up a plan for how you’ll promote your links. This way, you can organize your Pins in advance (e.g. upload 10 images per day, 4 times per week) which makes it easier to manage them later on. If you do decide to schedule some of the Pins from time to time, try using ViralTag or Tailwind since both platforms have good options when it comes to scheduling & organising content for social media promotion.

How to promote ClickBank offers on YouTube

Depending on your niche, you should consider using video to promote your Clickbank offers as it will almost always get more sales than any other form of promotion, including text links which used to be the standard for online marketers but quickly fell out of vogue because they were deemed boring by marketers who suck at marketing. Video is one of the best ways engage customers so in this article you will discover a way to use video as your primary means of generating traffic for your Clickbank products.

If you do any form of advertising, this is a very good method to increase sales and generate exposure for new offers that you have not advertised before because it is so easy to set up (it takes about 15 minutes altogether if you already know what you are doing) but only requires those basic skills. I cannot stress how much easier and cheaper this makes promoting Clickbank offers compared to text links which can cost over $100 a month if you want to get serious traffic and sales. This allows newbies the ability to promote high ticket items like software applications on autopilot without having to spend thousands in buy-SEO or PPC campaigns and or having a large list that you have to email constantly.

You can either use software to create the videos such as Camtasia Studio, iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker or if you are really savvy use any video editing tool and then upload them on YouTube which allows unlimited bandwidth for free since Google bought it a few years ago.

Use Traffic Exchanges to Promote ClickBank offers

If you are a newbie with no list, the best way for you to acquire one is by using traffic exchanges that allow members to freely promote their websites on other people’s downline in order to drive some free (non-paid) traffic from day one which can help generate your first commissions if you sell some low ticket items (note: Clickbank offers start at $1-5 or above).

One of my favorite traffic exchanges is Traffic Swarm and Tekrevenue which provide unlimited free daily traffic from a wide range of sources. The only downside is that the popunders can be annoying to some people but this should not affect conversions because your sales page will appear first before the popunder ads which means that you won’t be losing any potential customers when the popunder ads appear.

How to promote offers on Facebook groups and forums

Today many users are using social networks (Facebook mainly) to promote offers, deals or products. You can too but very carefully.

facebook posts

First thing is that you should keep in mind that Facebook isn’t a place to spam your offer links and ask people to go on your website or like your page. Spamming will get you banned on Facebook and also from the groups.

But, don’t worry, there are still some ways to promote offers, deals or products on Facebook by creating good image macros (memes) with a link to your offer and sharing it. Always keep in mind: Don’t ask people to visit your website or like your page. Offer is the only reason you are sharing the meme.

You can find many groups and forums where you can post an ad-formatted post for free. Remember, it should be relevant to your niche and should comprise members from your target geographic locations though.

To get started, login with Facebook. After login you will see the list of all Facebook groups and communities where you can post your promotional post for free.

If you don’t find any Facebook group or community related to your product/offers then create a new one by clicking on the “Create Community” option. It will take less than a minute and the same Facebook account which you are using for login can be used.

After this, Click on the Post an Ad button and write a title for your ad and in the description box, you should mention what is the offer that you are promoting.

If possible use some good images with your ad to get more likes, shares or comments as it will be helpful for your ad as well as for other users who will view this post. You can also use animated GIF images in your ads.

How to promote ClickBank offers with Facebook ads

Facebook Ads can be a quick and easy way to drive traffic to your ClickBank offers, even if you have no experience with promoting like this. You don’t need a website, landing page or any previous experience with paid advertising. The best part? It’s completely free to get started.

You’ll learn the step-by-step process to create an ads account and set up your first ad to promote ClickBank products.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll need to follow in this article, which you can read in detail by scrolling down below: Create a free ads account Connect your bank or PayPal account Start promoting ClickBank offers

1. How to Create a Free Facebook Ads Account

Step 1: Go to facebook.com/advertising and click on the “Create an Ad” button in the top right corner of your screen.

Note: This link will open up a new window, so you don’t have to leave this page. Here’s what it looks like:

Step 2: Agree to the Facebook terms and conditions. Click on the “Continue” button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Fill out all of your contact information, including a preferred currency. Then click on “Create Ad Account”.

2. Connect Your Bank or PayPal Account

Facebook needs to verify your identity by making a small deposit to your bank account or through PayPal.

Step 1: After creating your account, you’ll be prompted to add payment info. Click on the “Add Payment Method” button in the top right corner of your screen.

This will open up a new window.

Step 2: Select “Paypal” or “Bank Account”.

If you choose to use your bank account, make sure that the following information is correct.

– Routing Number

– Account Number

– Bank Name (e.g. Citibank)

Step 3: After entering this information, click on the “Add Payment Method” button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

It will now take Facebook a few days to verify that they’ve made a deposit into your bank account or through PayPal. You’ll be able to start promoting ClickBank products once your account has been verified.

3. Start Promoting ClickBank Products

You can now start promoting ClickBank offers using Facebook ads! It’s quite simple to set up, as you’ll see in the next section…

Creating Your First Ad to Promote a ClickBank Offer on Facebook

Here’s a quick overview of the steps you’ll need to follow. You can read the detailed version by scrolling down below: Decide on a ClickBank product you want to promote Set your campaign name and daily budget Choose where you want Facebook to position your ad

1. Decide On A ClickBank Offer You Want To Promote

This is pretty straightforward, as you can promote any ClickBank product you would like. It’s probably best for you to promote a product that you already own or have tested so that you know it converts well on Facebook.

2. Set Your Campaign Name And Daily Budget

Campaign name : Give your campaign a memorable name, such as “My Facebook Ads for __________”

Daily budget: This should be your actual daily ad spend, as Facebook will divide this amount evenly across all of the ads in your campaign. We recommend starting with $5 per day to begin with.

3. Choose Where You Want Facebook To Position Your Ad

Facebook lets you choose whether you want your ad to be displayed in the “News Feed” or on the side bar.

Here are some recommended settings:

High-performing Facebook Ad Placements (in 4 Steps) - MarketingHub - Trending news, tools and tips for marketers


The most important part is choosing an objective for your campaign. You’ll need to choose “Send people to…(your landing page)”.

Once this is done, click on the “Place Order” button in the top right corner of your screen and you’re done!

You’ve just created a free ads account on Facebook, connected your bank or PayPal account, and started to promote ClickBank offers. There’s no stopping you from promoting any type of product to make money online now that you have the keys to ClickBank and Facebook.

Learn more on how to use Facebook ads to promote ClickBank offers >>

How to promote ClickBank offers with Google Ads

Google Ads: What Are Google Ads & How Do They Work? | WordStream

Here’s how to use Google Adwords – the most popular and powerful PPC system – to promote ClickBank products and increase your sales income. And it’s very easy once you know how…

First of all, let me apologise for those who have already read this article on my blog: I recently copied the article to my website and realised that I had posted it here incomplete. So, this time, here’s the whole article again – but in a much more detailed form…

1) First of all you need to sign up as an advertiser on Google Adwords. You will be asked to set up a billing account or log in with your existing Google account.

2) Once signed up, you are presented with this screen (not logged in yet). Click on the “Campaigns” tab:

3) On the next page click on “+ Campaign” – it’s a bit like starting an email program. You’ll see this window:

Now we need to fill in the form.

Campaign name – this is the name of your campaign, so call it “Promote ClickBank” or something similar. We might have several campaigns over time, as we experiment with different offers and approaches.

Ad group name – this is a vague description of what you’re advertising (e.g.”My Fitness Training”), not the actual name of the Clickbank product you’re promoting. Remember it’s only a vague description, because this ad group will contain different ads for different offers, targeting different keywords etc.

4) Now click on “keywords”, which is directly underneath where we entered the campaign name and ad group name:

5) This screen allows us to choose the keywords to be targeted. If you have a very specific product that only appeals to a small group of people, then leave the settings set as they are here. But if your Clickbank product has wider appeal & can reach many different markets, then change these settings to “include more” for all the fields:

6) Now click on “Ads” which is underneath the keyword settings:

7) This screen allows us to choose the ads that will be shown. Google automatically creates several ad groups according to predefined criteria, but you can change them. I suggest adding a few of your own ad groups here. For example if your offer is for a diet product you might add an ad group for each of these:

– “fitness”

– “weight loss”

– “diet”

– “exercise” etc.

For each ad group, you can also set different ads for that specific ad group, so you can test which ad gets the best results (remembering to always have a call to action at the end of the ad).

But what is important here is that you set your “Default bid” to be $1. Why? Because Google will automatically increase the bids as an auction progresses, and if your default bid was say 50c then the next time people search for a related term, someone who has used Adwords to bid on that keyword may outbid you if their bid was less than 50c. But if you always set your initial default bid to be $1, you won’t have that competition from people who are bidding on the same keyword but with a lower amount.

8) Set your “Bid strategy” to “Maximize clicks”. Why? Because that’s what it does… 🙂

9) Finally set your budget. I suggest you split it in to daily, weekly and monthly budgets, as these are the easiest ways to keep track of what is being spent.

Alternatively, you can also set your budgets on a per ad group basis, e.g. pay more for certain keywords than other keywords – but this is more complicated and I find it confusing.

10) And then there is the “Ad scheduling” screen:

I always set my ads to be on constantly, because it’s easier for me to keep track of when I’m not spending any money if the campaign doesn’t run at night or over a weekend etc. Also, remember that you can pause the campaign at any time should you need to, so there is no risk of overspending.

11) Click on “Save and continue” and then finally “Done”. You can now choose your ad group (in our example we’ve called it “My Fitness Training”), which has 3 ads in it:

Now click on each ad and you’ll see various screen options:

You can choose to show an ad first, or have a rotating group of ads. I suggest you show your best ad first to start with, and rotate the other two ads as well (rotating means that after one ad finishes showing, it will be replaced by another). In the image above we’ve also changed the ad so that it relates to a specific keyword:

And then there are the “Display options” which allow you to choose how often people see your ad (and therefore click on it) and how much of your website they see when they click on it. In our example we’ve set these as follows:

Now click “Save ad” and you’re done. You should now have a campaign showing on your main dashboard screen:

And that’s it… 🙂

If you want to add more ads, simply click on “Ads” at the top of the screen, then click on “Create new ad”. Add some ad texts and test which one works best for you, and increase (or decrease) your budget as necessary. I hope this has been helpful – have fun 🙂

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