How to choose a ClickBank offer to promote

Now that you have found ClickBank products, it’s time to choose which ClickBank product to promote. There are a few click bank criteria which need to be considered before choosing any ClickBank product. These ClickBank criteria are as follows:

1) Affiliate Commission – The affiliate commission of the click bank should be at least 10%. This commission will not be the same for all click bank products, ClickBank has different commission rate for each ClickBank product. So check this criterion before promoting any ClickBank product.

2) Quality of Product – The ClickBank offer should have good quality which will increase your conversion rate. ClickBank has a team who does research on click bank offers and ensure that click bank offers have good quality. So choose click bank offer with high quality content to get maximum revenue.

3) Sales Copy – The sales copy of click bank product should be attractive so that it can increase your click through rate and hence the ClickBank product will help in increasing your ClickBank affiliate commission.

4) Backlinks & Traffic – If click bank offer has good backlinks, click through rate will be increased. So choose ClickBank product which is backed up by good backlinks.

5) Competition – Make sure that click bank offer is not a highly competitive one so that it can get easily indexed in the search engine and convert more traffic and hence increase your click through rate.

6) Categories – Choose click bank product from the right ClickBank affiliate category so that it can help you increase click through rate for maximum revenue.

7) Product Availability – It’s always better to choose click bank products which are available as an instant download, as they will provide you with more time to market your ClickBank affiliate link and click through rate will be increased.

8) Follow Up Email – Choose ClickBank offer which should provide you with the follow up email to increase your ClickBank revenue.

9) Graphics of Product – Select a click bank product which has attractive graphics as it will increase click through rate and ClickBank affiliate commission.

10) Customer Support – The click bank product should have a good customer support system to help you solve any of your problems.

11) Product Refund Policy – Choose ClickBank offer which has a refund policy so that if ClickBank product is not helpful, you can refund it and market another ClickBank offer which will convert more click through rate and ClickBank affiliate revenue.

12) Product Updates – Choose ClickBank products which should provide you with the product updates in future so that click through rate can be increased and ClickBank revenue will also increase.

13) Sales Video – The click bank offer sales video should have good quality, click through rate will thus be increased.

14) Number of Upsells – Check how many upsells click bank offer has, as more upsell means click through rate will be increased and clickbank affiliate commission also increased.

15) Bonus – Choose click bank product which provides you with bonus offers to increase clickthrough rate and ClickBank affiliate revenue.

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