Who by Geoff Smart & Randy Street

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According to Smart and Street, “Who” is your number-one problem. Not “What”. What refers to the strategies you choose, the products and services you sell, and the processes you use.  Focusing solely on the challenges of “What” means you will feel stressed, likely make less money than you desire, and lack the time to do what you want.

“Who” refers to the people you put in place to make the “What” decisions. Those who can ensure “What” doesn’t take over. “Who” is where the magic begins, or with the wrong “Who”, where the problems start.

“Who” failures infect every aspect of our professional and personal lives. “Who” mistakes happen when managers:

  • Are unclear about what is needed in a job
  • Have a weak flow of candidates
  • Do not trust their ability to pick out the right candidate from a group of similar-looking candidates
  • Lose candidates they really want to join their team

“Who” problems are also preventable and Smart and Street give you a solution to your number-one problem—to help you make better who decisions and find A Players.

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