Windows 11 will be released without the support of Android apps, one of its most anticipated features

Windows 11 already has confirmed release date . It will be next October 5 when it begins to reach users. The software will be offered as a free update to all who have a license for Windows 10, but it will arrive with a major absence. It is about support for Android apps, which will not be available in the first version of the operating system .

Although the information available is quite brief, this feature is would only add in 2022 . Undoubtedly this is unwanted news, especially if we take into account that the support for Android apps is one of the most outstanding functions of Windows 11.

Microsoft has only mentioned that a preview version of this option will be coming to the Windows Insider program in the next few months. “We look forward to continuing our journey to bring Android applications to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store, through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel,” indicated Redmond Corporation.

We will have to wait a while longer to see Android apps on Windows 11

It’s a bit disappointing that Microsoft makes us wait an extra time to access support for Android apps on Windows 11 . By far, this had been one of the most exciting announcements at the unveiling of the new operating system; Therefore, delaying its implementation until next year leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Let’s remember that Windows 11 will come with a completely renovated Microsoft Store, and with integration with the Amazon Appstore to support Android applications, through Intel Bridge technology. The fact of being able to run a mobile app from any computer , is undoubtedly one more possibility than attractive to users.

In fact, in recent months it was suggested that Android apps could also be installed on Windows 11 via unknown sources . We will see if this plan remains in force for the future.

For now, there is no other option but to be patient. Clearly Microsoft intends this feature to work properly and does not have bugs . Hopefully the extra time it takes to incorporate it into the new OS is worth it.