Windows 11 will make your PC / laptop a “sphere”

Microsoft has spent a lot of time talking about the new features that will be offered by Windows 11. According to the company, the new operating system will make your PC much better in terms of speed. In particular, there are many improvements and changes in how the system manages applications and processes.

More specifically, it will prioritize applications in the foreground, to ensure that they have the required resources, something especially useful for those who run multiple instances of a program, or hundreds of tabs in the browser.

In one Youtube video, Microsoft VP Steve Dispensa stressed: This is a saving of seconds. And these time savings are significant considering the number of applications we use during the day. Therefore, the response is fast and at top levels. Foreground prioritization also contributes to this.

Edge will also see significant improvements as the company has already enabled the sleeping tabs in the browser by default. The computer will exit sleep mode quickly, especially on 8th generation processors and above.