Winning With Customers by Keith Pigues

12 minute affiliate marketing

What if you knew exactly how much money you helped put into your customer’s bank account? What if – rather than using anecdotes to determine where you invested your company’s money, that you used quantitative data that came from your customer’s? What if you could take that information and make concrete plans that not only made your customers more money, but made YOU more money in the process? Lastly, what if you could predict profit growth for both you and your customer? Do you think you would win in the marketplace? 

This is the promise of Winning with Customers, the new b2b playbook written by D. Keith Pigues and Jerry Alderman. If this sounds compelling to you, I hope you’ll join us on this 10 minute journey today, and then an hour the rest of the week with the action book to get you on your way implementing these principles in your business. Let’s get started!

There are 6 steps to this journey:

  1. Discover, where you’ll understand what value you bring to your customer’s business;
  2. Analyze, where you’ll put all that information together and prioritize the opportunities;
  3. Execute, where you’ll create a plan to capture that value for you and your customer;
  4. Measure, where you’ll create a dashboard so you can see the results of your efforts;
  5. Certify, where you’ll build this capacity throughout your organization;
  6. CVC Management System, where you’ll ramp things up a notch by combining people, processes and technology to ensure that this becomes a long-term competitive advantage.

We are going to focus on the first 3 steps of the journey this week.

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